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1 Fat Burner & Blocker
Appetite Suppressant
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Appetite Suppressant
3 Proactol XS Fat Binder & Blocker
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“I always hated having my picture taken – I used to try and hide behind other people in photos. I had to hold my stomach in all the time, and every time I sat down I’d have to cover it with my arms so people couldn’t see it. Now I don’t have anything to hide, and I love having my picture taken!”

Used Dbal and Tbal75 for 7-8 weeks. At first I thought it would work right away but give it a week or two n results will show you will see. Eat correctly or close and work out 5 times a week to 4 and your pogo romance and everything is gonna change with great results big time/ mine did and I’m impressed.

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