Yoga, a Weight Loss Miracle

Yoga, a Weight Loss Miracle

Most people with weight problem probably tried different things to lose weight. They may have done different diets that lead to no results. Others may have tried exercises that are too intense to follow. In the end, most have simply given up after not seeing the results they wanted.

This problem is also one reason why losing weight is a hard thing to do. However, many weight loss plans are present and one of them will surely be effective. People have different bodies and are in different situations.

Specific weight plans will cope with specific people. Maybe, yoga is the exercise that can solve this problem.

Yoga is a practice that disciplines the body physically, mentally and spiritually. It builds muscles and tones the body through yoga poses which are held for a few seconds. This activity will not help increase one’s heart rate.

Yes, it is a low intensity workout but weight loss in yoga does not work like a cardiovascular exercise. It helps weight loss in a different way.

According to studies, yoga can help increase the rate of metabolism, improve insulin sensitivity and lower the stress felt by the body. The body’s metabolic rate plays an important role during weight loss.

It is said that a person with a faster metabolic rate will gain lesser weight than those who have a slower one. Insulin sensitivity gives the body a better signal to burn food instead of storing it as a fat.

Studies also show that stress contributes to weight gain. If a person is stressed, he/she is likely to choose the wrong decisions specifically choosing the right foods. That’s why stress eating exists. He/she is also most likely to skip exercises and would instead watch tv and do nothing.

Though yoga may look tame, there are other types of yoga that are more vigorous than the others. Ashtanga is a type of yoga that appeals to more athletic and independent people. It contains different poses in 6 series.

The first series focuses on the body’s spine alignment, stamina and flexibility. It is made up of 75 poses that should be completed in just about one to two hours.

In the second series, new poses and stances are introduced but it is important to have a good foundation on the first series. This series purifies and strengthens the body’s nervous system.

The remaining four series are the advanced part of Ashtanga. More intense balancing of the arms and harder poses are done in this series.

Hot yoga is another type of yoga done in a heated area or room. Temperatures here are maintained at 95-100o fahrenheit. The added high temperature will allow the body to sweat even more thus eliminating toxins and fat substances.

Yoga is only one type of exercise that will help during weight loss. It is also one of the few exercises that can be both relaxing and fulfilling at the same time. Yoga’s primary concern is about its poses and stance which should be supervised by a trained individual.

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