Natalia Rocon
Published in November 7, 2020

Why is Chia the Ultimate Food Supplement?

Chia is the most potent plant-based source of Omega-3. It also contains large amounts of protein and is a good source of dietary fiber.


By Natalia Rocon

Chia is a plant that originates in North America and has been used by the ancient civilizations of Mayans and Aztecs as a potent source of energy and stamina. Today, the Chia seeds are harvested for their nutritional benefits.

The seeds are considered gold because of their nutritional content. They only measure a couple of millimeters in length but pack a surprising list of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It is a super source of over 25 essential vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and fatty acids.

In animals, fish is the most abundant source of Omega-3 and is found in generous amounts in salmon. However, Chia seeds beat the salmon pound for pound when it comes to Omega-3 content per weight. Chia has 100 times MORE Omega-3 fatty acids than salmon.

Omega-3 are fatty acids that are essential for human nutrition. The strange thing is that humans do not produce these fatty acids. People need to get them from their food. However, they are very scarce and are found only in very select species of plants and animals.

Health Benefits of Chia

Clinical studies show that the fatty acid Omega-3 has positive effects in improving cardiovascular health. It prevents heart diseases. It is also helpful in maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol or HDL in the bloodstream because it increases the amount of healthy cholesterol in the body.

Chia is also helpful in stabilizing blood pressure, which is why it is also recommended for people suffering from hypertension. There have been numerous clinical studies that show the positive effect of Omega-3 in lowering the blood pressure of people with hypertension.

Stroke is a common cardiovascular disease associated with hypertension. Large-scale population studies have observed that there is a lesser risk of stroke among people who consume decent amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids. People who eat fish frequently have also less risk of experiencing stroke and aneurism.

Medical studies have also linked the low levels of HDL in the bloodstream with diabetes. Chia can help lower the apoproteins and triglycerides in the blood. These are contributors to diabetes.

Digestive Science Organic Chia Seeds also help in preventing and relieving rheumatoid arthritis. A number of clinical studies have focused on looking at the role of Omega-3 in reducing the inflammation caused by rheumatoid arthritis. The studies suggest that foods like Chia, which are rich in Omega-3, may help patients suffering from inflammation in the joints and bones like osteoarthritis.

Advantages of Digestive Science Organic Chia Seed

The main advantage of the Digestive Science Organic Chia Seed can be found in its name: ORGANIC. There are numerous drugs and alternative medicine available in the market today but so few of them are authentically organic.

Organic means that grown and harvested NATURALLY, which is why it is free from pesticides, artificial fertilizers, and additives. The Chia by Digestive Science is also not genetically modified. Non-organic alternatives have almost zero nutritional value because of their exposure to chemicals that kill the natural antioxidants in them.

The Digestive Science Organic Chia is gluten-free, caffeine-free, and are packed in an FDA-certified facility. There may be many Chia products in the market, but Digestive Science is one of the few producers that use ORGANIC Chia.

 Who Can Take Organic Chia?

Anyone who wants to live a healthy life can take the Digestive Science Organic Chia. Children and adults will benefit from this natural source of Omega-3 and 26 other essential vitamins and minerals.

People who are looking to reversing the effects of aging can also take the Organic Chia by Digestive Science. The seed is abundant in antioxidants that help detoxify your body and eliminate the free radicals in it. Free radicals are chemical agents of death that promote cell destruction and weaken your immune system by speeding up the oxidation process in your body.

The product is also recommended for people who are suffering from recurring conditions of irritable bowel syndrome or IBS. The Chia Seeds contain are rich in fibers, minerals, and vitamins that help stabilize and balance your digestive system. If you are suffering from constipation and diarrhea, you can also take Digestive Science Organic Chia to balance the levels of microflora in your digestive system and help improve the absorption of nutrients from the food you eat.

The Chia Seeds are also beneficial for anyone who is aspiring to lose significant weight. The Chia Seeds have the ability to absorb water as much as 9 times their own mass in volume, making you feel full for a longer time. The soluble fiber in the Chia seeds also helps in absorbing fats and eliminating them from your body.

For the best NATURAL and ORGANIC dietary supplement, the Digestive Science Organic Chia Seed is the ultimate source of health.

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