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What is Thermogenics and How Does It Work for Weight Loss?

The term thermogenic is fairly new for some people and doesn’t automatically bring weight loss to mind.

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Recently, however, the term is becoming popular for individuals who are trying to lose weight. The concept of thermogenic is actually very easy to understand and is currently being used by bodybuilders today to attain the weight they want.

How are Thermogenics Defined?

Thermogenics means the ability to produce heat. Although this is a word that can be used for multiple items, the term is typically used as a reference to drugs that when taken in can increase body heat.

How do Thermogenics Work?

The effectiveness of thermogenic for weight loss is fairly simple to understand. Typically, a person who is exercising feels a “burning” or “heated” sensation. This heat is the side effect of the body burning off the excess fat in the body.

Hence, it stands to reason that if a person can stimulate the same heat internally, they will be able to lose fat without going through the exercise itself. The same concept works in steam rooms where individuals are made to sweat excessively to burn off a portion of fat without the work.

It doesn’t really burn off fat literally but rather speeds up the metabolism for efficient weight loss. Hence, individuals will still need to perform some physical activities in order to stimulate the body. What happens is that the fat burn becomes faster, allowing individuals to shed weight even while doing simple tasks.

Thermogenics: How Fast is the Weight Loss?

Note though that thermogenic is not an ongoing weight loss alternative. Individuals using this method will only experience weight loss during the first few weeks of its use. After two or three months, the effect wears off.

During this time, however, individuals can effectively shed ten or more pounds, depending on the routine they’ve decided to undertake. Since the normal rate of weight loss is two pounds per week, the use of thermogenic definitely speeds up the process.

Cost and Safety

There are currently different types of thermogenic items being freely sold in the market today. What most people don’t realize is that even everyday coffee is classified as thermogenic. The caffeine speeds up the metabolism and allows individuals to feel warmer from the inside out. When combined with the right exercise and diet, coffee is enough to induce weight loss.

Of course, those who want something more can also go for thermogenic in pill or tablet form. A good example would be ephedrine, a popular drug often associated with weight loss. Note however that an approval of a doctor is usually required before embarking on the use of thermogenic. This is especially true for individuals with preexisting conditions.

Thermogenics is just one aspect of weight loss. Individuals who really want to shed the pounds fast as well as get a toned and trim body are advised to go beyond thermogenic. Exercises and a proper diet are also crucial points of weight loss. It is advised that individuals intent on thermogenic also utilize other methods to speed up their weight loss.