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Did you know that Drinking a Cup of Green Tea a day has many Health Benefits?

The practice of tea drinking originated years ago and has long been a part of the culture of most Asian countries.

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The warmth of the tea is said to bring calmness and relaxation to the mind and body which enables one to function efficiently.

Brief History

It is said that green tea originated in China when green tea leaves were accidentally mixed in the emperor’s tea. He realized it tasted great that he began to drink it regularly. In fact, references to green tea appeared in many Chinese writings that date back to 5000 years ago.

The influence reached Japan when a Japanese monk visited China and learned all about green tea. And so he brought it back to Japan where it became a traditional drink. Since then, green tea drinking became widespread among all the other Asian countries as well.

Health Benefits

Many studies have been made in order to learn about the benefits of drinking tea. Apart from its calming effect, it was also found out that green tea leaves contain antioxidants, which are great agents that aid in weight loss because it helps burn body fats faster. Antioxidants are also beneficial to the skin as it helps slow down the effects of aging, thus making the skin look youthful and radiant.

Having healthier teeth is also one of the benefits of drinking green tea. The leaves are said to contain natural anti-bacterial properties that help fight off plaque build up in the mouth, thus preventing the teeth from decaying.

This can also be a great solution for bad breath as the enzymes help stimulate the production of saliva in the mouth. This helps kill odor-causing bacteria on the tongue and throat and at the same time neutralizes the acid concentration in the mouth.

There has also been much research done on the benefits of drinking green tea, which indicates that it can be very effective in lowering bad cholesterol levels in the body by increasing the levels of good cholesterol. It can also be a good anticoagulant that helps prevent abnormal clotting of the blood, thus lowering the risk of acquiring heart diseases.

At present, further studies are being made in order to develop the benefits of drinking green tea as a way to prevent cancer. It has been found out that there are certain compounds in green tea that help inhibit the formation of cancer cells without undermining the growth of healthy body tissues.