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Weight Management: How to Treat Obesity

The rate of obesity has increased at such an alarming rate in recent years. It affects thousands of people in most developed countries every year and has become an epidemic in the United States.

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More than an issue with physical looks, obesity can have detrimental side effects on one’s health, as it increases the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and other serious health conditions. Proper weight management is important in the treatment of obesity and this can only be done through a strictly disciplined exercise habit and a healthy diet. If you are suffering from obesity, you should seriously start thinking of making significant changes in your lifestyle.

Weight management can be more effective if you cooperate with your doctor or nutritionist in creating a long-term plan that will help you lose weight, preferably, the natural way. Keep in mind that physical exercise and a sensible diet are still the most effective treatments for obesity. However, in extreme cases, surgery may be performed on a person to reduce stomach volume, which leads to earlier satiation and a significant reduction in a person’s appetite. There are several ways to treat obesity, listed below are some of the most popular methods:


Diets for the purpose of weight loss have to fall under the following categories: low-carbohydrate, low-calorie, very low calorie, and low-fat. You can work with your doctor in choosing which category is best suited for your situation. The best way to lose weight is to significantly cut back on your caloric intake while increasing physical activity. A low-calorie diet typically constitutes limiting the intake to 1200 up to 1500 calories daily for women and about 1,500 to 1,800 calories for men.

A very low-calorie diet, on the other hand, requires limiting a person’s caloric intake to 200 to 800 calories daily. This is usually done in very extreme cases but is not recommended unless otherwise necessary because this kind of diet subjects the body to starvation. Anyone who is undergoing this kind of diet should be closely monitored by a physician to avoid any complications during the weight loss and weight management process.

Physical Exercise

While dieting is highly recommended for weight loss, it is equally important to engage in more physical exercise as well. The best physical activities to engage in for the purpose of weight loss is running, cycling, and walking. It is recommended to engage in moderate exercise for 30 minutes at least five times a week.

Physical exercise significantly helps in the burning of calories. You can use a pedometer to keep track of your steps. This is especially useful for those who have office jobs. You can start by increasing your steps by 2000 daily and try increasing this slowly to 10,000 steps daily for better weight loss results. Walking is a simple and effective strategy for weight management.

You can engage in moderate and vigorous physical exercise alternately. It is recommended to engage in moderate physical exercise for at least 3 hours a week and vigorous activity for at least 2 hours a week. Though, it is best to try to engage in moderate activity five times a week.


While medication is not highly recommended for those who can opt for natural ways of losing weight, there are certain medications that are prescribed for people who are suffering from extreme obesity. Xenical is the only anti-obesity drug that is FDA approved, though there are several other medications that one may take for weight management.

It is important to note, however, that while anti-obesity drugs work to some extent in weight loss, it does not offer significant effects as opposed to dieting and exercising. The use of weight loss medications that are chemically manufactured is not recommended, especially since a lot of these medications are not FDA approved. A person may develop a dependency on weight loss medications whose side effects can be detrimental to one’s health.

Surgical Procedures

As previously mentioned, surgery may be performed on those who are suffering from extreme cases of obesity. Bariatric surgery is the most commonly used method in the treatment of obesity. Bariatric surgery is executed by reducing the size of the stomach through the removal of a portion of the stomach to reduce appetite and encourage weight loss. However, due to possible complications and risks, surgery is not recommended unless the person is extremely obese and has failed to lose weight through natural weight loss methods.

Weight Loss Programs

There is a wide range of weight loss programs for weight management these days. These programs typically require significant changes in a person’s lifestyle, with special emphasis on one’s diet. Weight loss programs are often conducted in groups, allowing people with weight problems to support each other to lose weight. You can find a number of weight management programs online or in your local community to make losing weight a whole lot easier.

Obesity is an alarming medical condition that has taken the lives of thousands of people. If you are suffering from obesity or you are in danger of obesity, it is best to consider starting a weight management program as soon as you can. There are a lot of people who can help you achieve your weight loss goals: from your family, friends, health professionals, and nutritionists, you should have no trouble getting the support you need.

Obesity is a very unhealthy condition and if left untreated, it can lead to a number of bigger health problems. If you want to feel good about yourself, you should start employing an effective weight management program. It is important to assess yourself before choosing which weight loss methods work best for you.

If you are having trouble exercising, it is recommended that you hire a physical trainer to help you work out every day. With a sensible diet and a healthy exercise habit, you should have no trouble losing that weight in no time. Weight management offers so many benefits and has helped a lot of people put their lives back on track.