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Weight Loss Vitamins: Lose Weight the Healthy Way

Shaving off those extra pounds may not seem so easy but with the advent of so many weight loss products in the market, it has become a whole lot easier to lose those unwanted pounds in no time.

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Fibretrim is a weight loss product that has been proven to work to help you cut down on up to 27% of your caloric intake.  If you are looking for weight loss vitamins that will help you cut down on your fat and sugar consumption by 50% then Fibretrim may be worth trying, as it promises just that.

While there are so many weight loss products out there; from pills posing as weight loss vitamins, patches, sprays, and many others, few have been proven to work as well as they claim. Diet plans and exercise routines and machines that promise to help you lose as much as ten to twenty pounds in a week, have yet to be proven effective, as those who have tried it end up giving up just a few days into the program.

If you want weight loss vitamins that really work, then it is best to stick to those with a reputation for being effective, as they won’t be hailed as the best weight loss product if they dont even work. Fibretrim is based on the Zotrim formulation that helps suppress one’s appetite to significantly reduce calories during meals. It also works by making you feel full faster, decreasing your appetite for foods that are high in fat and sugar, as a result, you would want to eat less in between meals.

Fibretrim weight loss vitamins contain Inulin, a form of dietary fiber that is composed of sugar and fructose. Since Inulin reaches the large intestine unchanged, it serves as a fertilizer in the colon, allowing friendly bacteria to reach the digestive tract.

These friendly bacteria are responsible for keeping your digestive tract properly functioning. Inulin also helps in increasing satiety, as it is a form of soluble dietary fiber. The recommended intake of dietary fiber daily is 25 grams, however, this target is rarely reached. Fibretrim can help reach this target as it contains high amounts of Inulin. Dietary fiber can help not only in weight loss but also helps in keeping your gastrointestinal health in check and helps with sugar absorption by lowering the blood sugar that is absorbed by the body for each meal.

Aside from Inulin Fibretrim weight loss vitamins also contain Yerba Mate extract, a plant native to South America, that is known to help in weight loss by decreasing body fat and its serum cholesterol levels. Yerba mate also contains a number of antioxidants, so it works in the same manner as green tea.

Fibretrim also contains Guarana extract, a plant that is used in Brazil for its weight loss effects. Guarana contains high amounts of caffeine, which is shown to improve memory and alertness whilst helping you shave off those unwanted pounds. All these ingredients, when combined, create one potent drink that gives you all the nutrients you need while helping you lose weight.