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Weight Loss and the Benefits of Saffron

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If you are planning on losing some weight and thinking about what you ought to buy, you can try to go and do some research on Saffron and its reviews.

Losing weight can take a lot of time, energy, and money, and making the most out of your diet and exercise plan is the way to go for you to experience great results in a shorter span of time than normal.

Not a lot of people are aware of the fact that there are wrong ways of doing exercise. It is also the wrong and right way of eating food in order for one to lose weight. For instance, many professional personal trainers do not even recommend doing abdominal crunches anymore, since this puts stress on the spine. The six-to-six diet is not even advisable anymore, even though it may have worked for some people.

Losing weight and maintaining it involves a change in lifestyle, from the choices of food to the activities you do. It also has much to do with your nutrition and supplements.

Now, the following is about Saffron Extracts and their Benefits

While further scientific studies are yet to be done regarding the healthy side effects of eating saffron or taking in saffron extract, there has been quite a number that show its effectiveness in terms of the following benefits:

You can help cure your depression when you take saffron

Research has shown some evidence that saffron and supplements with saffron extracts such as Saffron Gold Plus can help to remedy depression. In the year 2005, there was a study that showed that a saffron extract would prove to be more efficacious compared to a placebo when it comes to treating depression from its mildest stage to the moderate stage.

This study was published in Phytotherapy Research and it had forty adult participants who had depression, wherein one group was provided with supplements that have a saffron extract while the other group was given a placebo for two months and two weeks.

There was a study in 2004, which was published in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, wherein thirty adults who were diagnosed to have depression were divided into two groups. One group was given a popularly prescribed medication to treat depression called Imipramine, while the other group was given saffron supplements. This treatment was done for a month and two weeks, and after that, the researchers collected the data that the participants who took the saffron supplement showed positive results similar to those who underwent the imipramine treatment.

You will lose weight more easily when you take saffron

Saffron and saffron supplements such as Saffron Gold Plus are said to be able to let a person feel less likely to crave food and to make them feel less hungry.

There are natural ingredients in the saffron plant that enable the brain to increase its serotonin levels which will then boost the chances of not feeling so hungry. Serotonin is a chemical that the brain produces which keeps your mood levels in check.

The less likely that you would feel hungry, the less likely that you would want to eat a lot. Naturally, this will lead you to lose weight as long as you burn off the existing fat as well.

Research has shown data that ingredients such as the crocus sativus extract from Saffron aids the body in curbing psychological hunger. You would know the difference between psychological hunger from actual hunger when your stomach does not grumble but you have the desire to eat.

In the year 2010, nutrition research involved sixty slightly overweight females, who were divided into two groups. One group was given a supplement with the saffron extract and another with placebo on a daily basis for two months. The women’s caloric intake was not given any restriction.

After the study, the women who were given the supplement with the saffron extract displayed an importantly large amount of body weight dropped as well as a much lesser frequency in the desire to eat snacks, that is in comparison to the second group which was given the placebo. The researchers noted in the study that it may be due partly to the saffron’s side effects of improving the mood that led to the lower frequency of eating.

With a saffron supplement, you can ease your Pre Menstrual Syndrome(PMS)

In a study conducted in 2008 by researchers from the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, it was found that saffron extract can aid in easing premenstrual syndrome, or PMS for short. The participants in the research were given saffron extract supplements on an everyday basis for the whole extent of two menstrual cycles. The women displayed a particularly huge improvement by experiencing fewer or no PMS symptoms compared to the women who were given a placebo during the same time frame.

While these benefits may sound incredibly useful, it is not a guarantee that when you buy and take saffron extract supplements such as Saffron Gold Plus, it will mean that you will be experiencing these positive side effects. The truth is that indeed, more research still needs to be done to prove this as a fact and that each and every person may react differently to the saffron extract supplement.

Taking a saffron extract supplement should be limited to a maximum of two capsules a day, and should be accompanied by a full glass of water. It is imperative that the person taking these supplements should drink plenty of water throughout the day. Not only is drinking at least eight glasses of water good for you, but it also lets you cleanse away the toxins trapped inside your body.

Whatever plans you have regarding your quest for good health, relying on supplements enough will not guarantee results. You must always prioritize following a healthy diet and exercise plan. Furthermore, it is also not recommended that you take saffron extract products such as Saffron Gold Plus along with other types of medication unless you have consulted your doctor regarding that matter.

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