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Walking Your Way to Weight Loss

Perhaps the toughest part of weight loss is starting it. For their own reasons, people love to imagine shedding some pounds off, but very few really do something about it.

Walking Your Way to Weight Loss

It’s just an overwhelming feat! In this article, let’s talk about a very simple secret that can give you a good jumpstart to lose weight: walking. Yes, no stringent diets or rigorous exercise yet. You just got to WALK.

See, the main reason why people have a hard time losing weight is that they dread having to exercise to the max.

While it can be healthy to an extent, it’s just not the most fun thing on earth, right?

Also, gym fees can be costly, and not a lot of corporate rats like the thought of having to sweat gallons after a hard day’s work. Hence, walking can really be the perfect choice.

First, there are loads of benefits you can enjoy from walking even without fat loss. One, you don’t have to get out of breath. Two, you won’t have to deal with body pains. Three, it can get you to places. Four, it can allow you to enjoy some scenic and refreshing views. Of course, these are but a few advantages. The list can go on and on and you’ll be surprised at how helpful the activity can be.

Now, you have to understand that walking is not exactly your fastest way to weight loss. As mentioned earlier, it’s just an excellent jumpstart. If you want it to be your way to lose weight, then you are expected to do it for a long period of time. This is because it doesn’t yield very fast results like other fat loss programs; unless you are willing it pick it up by being persistent, going faster, and integrating another routine with it. Nevertheless, walking alone is already a wonderful exercise.

According to studies, an adult needs to take at least 10,000 steps (approximately between 4 and 6 miles) daily to maintain an ideal weight. This means that if you want to get rid of some pounds, you should be willing to walk more than that total, say, 12,000 steps or so. When you do this together with some moderation in the food that you eat, you will surely start loving the new and slimmer you.

Here are some additional tips you should keep in mind:

Be patient – It is very important to practice some patience when it comes to walking to lose weight. The same is true for doing any fat loss program anyway. Don’t expect overnight results. Give yourself time.

Start early – This means two things: Start NOW and walk as early as possible. If you keep on procrastinating, you will surely get nowhere. Don’t wait for a special date or try to delay walking until the end of the day. The math is simple: The sooner you start walking, the sooner you’ll reach the 12,000th step.

Drive less – If you live in a safe area where walking is totally cool, you should walk at every opportunity. This will not only help with weight loss but also on the finances. Think of how much you could save on gas. Fantastic, don’t you think?