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The Top Five Types of Thermogenics for Weight Loss in Women and Men

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The safety of using thermogenics has always been in question for most health buffs. Although the product has been used by numerous individuals, it’s important to note that there are specific limitations to the supplement.

When it comes to weight loss, it is obvious that you have to burn more calories than you consume; burning 3500 calories is equivalent to losing one pound of weight. Thermogenics is a product, which has high levels of caffeine, which in turn, helps speed up the metabolism, burns more calories naturally, and will help you lose more weight, in a shorter period of time.

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What Is Thermogenics?

Prior to talking about the safety of thermogenics, it’s important to first discuss exactly what the item is. Thermogenics actually refers to any product or medication that induces heat internally in the human body. The effect is much like sitting inside a sauna room. The metabolism of the body is sped up, allowing faster heat buildup which eventually results in weight loss.

How Safe Is It?

Like most medications, the excessive use of thermogenic pills can be dangerous for the body. When used within the proper guidelines, however, the weight loss supplement is perfectly safe. Basically, the amount that should be taken on a daily basis should be no more than 20mg.

Note that thermogenics are not long-term drugs. Studies show that they are only effective within the first few weeks of use, after which the heat they produce is no longer effective for weight loss. This is why most bodybuilders utilize thermogenics on a scheduled basis rather than taking it continuously for several months.

The safety of the supplement is also dependent on the specific type being taken. Since there are several types out in the market today, individuals are advised to take a good look at the ingredients before buying anything.

Although the basic ingredients are the same, some additions such as vitamins and minerals could make a difference in its overall effect.

For best results, asking the opinion of physicians before taking anything is advised. This is especially true for people who have underlying health concerns or currently taking other medications that may clash with the weight loss supplements.

Products use

Any Thermogenics product you pick up contains caffeine and a fairly high amount of it per serving. If caffeine is not listed as the main ingredient, it is highly likely that one of the botanical sources of caffeine is listed high up on the ingredients list (some of these include: guarana, green, black, or white tea, kola nut, mate, or any combination of these ingredients, will account for the caffeine source).

Due to the fact that caffeine increases lipolysis (fat breakdown), as well as thermogenesis (calorie burning), the products that have a high amount of caffeine, or a caffeine additive, are bound to help speed up the weight loss and fat loss process. For a period of time after the pill is digested, it is going to continually work to burn more fat and burn a higher number of calories, which is in turn naturally going to result in more and faster weight loss over a period of continual use.

What it does

Thermogenics (fat builders) have the effect of speeding up the metabolism, in a similar fashion that cardiovascular training would have on the body. They also help to stimulate the body, and the nervous system, which is going to equate to faster results than you would attain if you were relying on diet and exercise alone.

Elevating the body temperature, and speeding up the metabolism, are natural ways that weight loss is going to occur; thermogenics is a central aspect of weight loss, and losing more, in less time.

When you choose to use these products, it is best to use them on an empty stomach. Just like a furnace, when you burn more calories and increase the temperature, you are going to notice more fat loss. When there is less in your system to burn, and when you have fewer calories in your system, prior to going to the gym, and taking thermogenics, you are naturally going to burn more fat, as opposed to first having to work through the calories you have consumed, then burn off fat.

So, if possible, using the product and working out on an empty stomach, is the optimal way to see quick, and better results when you choose these products for weight loss.

Tea, caffeine, or herbs

These are three of the most natural, basic, thermogenics you can find, and are some of the safest products if you do not want to turn to weight loss products that contain thermogenics in them. Not only are these ingredients going to help fuel your body, but they are also going to work safely and naturally on your system as well.

Regardless of how much you want to lose, or how quickly you want to lose weight, including these three natural ingredients in your diet, is a surefire way to help speed up the results, and speed fat loss. The hotter the furnace, and the more your body can burn (in terms of fat), the more weight loss you will notice, in less time.

Including exercise

Cardiovascular training, in conjunction with all natural thermogenics (or products that contain the ingredients), is going to result in quicker loss and more weight loss. Since you are fueling your system, increasing the body heat, and burning calories by doing cardiovascular exercise, by simply adding another fire to the log (the thermogenics), you are going to notice faster, and higher amounts of loss, when trying to reduce body weight and fat.

It is possible to use all natural products, but if you choose to use supplements that contain thermogenics in them, looking for herbal-based products is the safest bet. Regardless of your goals or desired weight loss amounts, with the right ingredient mix, higher body temperature, and faster metabolism, you are bound to see better results, in a shorter period of time.

Thermogenics for Weight Loss in Women

Thermogenics for Women

Contrary to popular belief, thermogenics used by men are different from those used by women. Although the same product can be used by both sexes, the best results are often achieved by choosing thermogenics that are specifically for a person’s gender.

Thermogenics for Women

Thermogenics make it possible for women to lose weight without going through rigorous hours at the gym. See, when a person exercises, the body produces heat which is the result of calories burning.

This is exactly what thermogenics is capable of doing – it induces the production of body heat which allows for the dissolution of fat. These calories are discharged through the blood, boosting the energy level of women. Hence, it doesn’t just help with the removal of unwanted fat but it also helps individuals last throughout the day.

Ingredients of Thermogenics

The source of thermogenics is a bit closer to home than most people believe. These are actually composed of purified extracts from common herbs and plants including coffee and tea. What most people don’t realize is that caffeine is a type of thermogenic which allows the speed up of metabolism.

In pill form, the essence of the plant is meticulously taken and provided in a pure amount. This allows for better results in weight loss not to mention it makes the ingestion process easier.

Some thermogenics are also combined with vitamins and minerals to provide additional boosts in energy. This allows women to get the benefit of a full meal as well as keep their immune systems intact. Depending on the specific thermogenics being used, the ingredients may vary.

Common Side Effects

All medications have side effects and thermogenics are no exception. Common side effects of the product include insomnia, twitchiness, hyperactivity, and nervousness. Note that the effects become more severe as the dosage and length of time ingested increase.

This is why individuals are advised only to take the product consecutively in a span of weeks. This decreases the chance of side effects while allowing the individual to lose the weight they want.

Speed of Weight Loss

One of the major attractions of thermogenics is the fact that they offer speedy weight loss. It’s safe to say that it burns more than the normal rate which is 2 pounds per week. In a matter of one month, women taking thermogenics may find themselves losing 10 pounds or more.

However, this should be combined with other weight loss methods as well as a healthy diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Women are advised to consult their physician first before taking any type of thermogenics. Those who are breastfeeding or suffering from preexisting conditions might want to avoid this weight loss regimen and instead opt for more natural methods. For those who have decided on thermogenics, it is advised that they first read reviews about products before buying.

Compare labels and find out what others have to say before taking the plunge. Only buy from reliable sellers who have a warranty and money back guarantee for their products.

Thermogenics and Their Use for Weight Loss in Men

Thermogenics for Men

Thermogenics are typically used by men who are aiming to build their body muscles. It works wonderfully because even as they perform target exercises, the thermogenics work overtime to decrease the percentage of fat in the body.

Thermogenics for Men

One of the top questions people ask is – what is the difference between thermogenics for men and women?

Although there are currently products that are interchangeable, it is usually best for males to choose fat burners that are meant for their sex. This is because their bodies have very different requirements than the female’s, therefore necessitating dissimilar attention.

For example, some thermogenics for men are laced with additional energy-boosting ingredients to help with workouts. The additional power makes it easier for males to maintain energy during workouts, allowing them to focus more on specific muscles in the body.

Side Effects of Thermogenics

Side effects are also present with the excessive use of thermogenics. When too much dosage is taken on a daily basis, individuals will experience nervousness, nausea, and insomnia. As the frequency and dosage increase, the side effects may also become more severe.

At its worst, thermogenics can cause serious problems in the body involving major organs such as the liver and kidney. This is why males are often advised to utilize thermogenics at a controlled pace within a set amount of time. Typically, this means only two to three weeks of use with a daily dosage of no more than 20 mg.

Thermogenics Safety

Although there’s no question that the product works, several safety concerns must be addressed before adding thermogenics to a person’s daily routine. Ideally, the approval of a physician must first be received before starting this regimen.

Healthy individuals may skip this part if they are 100% sure that the product is all right for them. However, those with pre-existing health concerns are advised to ask a doctor first. The same holds true for males who are currently taking other medications that might clash with the thermogenics.

The dosage and length of allowable time may vary from one person to another. Buyers should first make sure that they have thoroughly read the label and understand exactly what it entails to start taking the product. It’s also a good idea to read reviews first, making sure that there is honest feedback commending the product.

Otherwise, it might be a better idea to simply skip it and go for “safer” items on the list.

With so many thermogenics for men out in the market today, it shouldn’t be hard for individuals to find the exact type that meets their current needs.

Cost and Buying Online

The cost of this weight loss product may vary depending on the brand. The minimum cost is typical $20 for supplies lasting for two to three weeks. When buying thermogenics, it is usually best to purchase in small amounts and asses how they work first before buying for long-term use.

Find out the background of the seller and buy only from trustworthy domains that offer a money back guarantees and a warranty.

Advantages of Thermogenics for Weight Loss

Using thermogenics for weight loss is no longer an uncommon phenomenon. Ever since the discovery of how effective they are in helping burn fats, many individuals are adapting the technique to their everyday regimen. However, the weight effect isn’t the only reason why people prefer thermogenics to shed some pounds.

For those who are also considering this method, the following are some advantages to this decision.

Fast Weight Loss

There’s no question that thermogenics is highly effective in providing individuals with the kind of weight loss they are aiming for. The product doesn’t actually burn the fat but creates a situation where fat burning is at its peak. What happens is that the metabolism is sped up, heating the body and stimulating the release of sweat.

The process can be compared to saunas or steam rooms wherein the environment is heated to induce sweating.

Easy Work

As already mentioned, the intake of thermogenics is not in itself a weight loss technique. It is simply a way to stimulate the burning of fat, making it speedier. Hence, individuals will burn off more calories while doing regular things such as walking or working.

Physical work is still necessary – but not excessively. With the help of thermogenics, individuals will get the benefits of going to the gym without actually losing valuable time doing important work.

Highly Convenient

Most thermogenics today are in pill form which means individuals can simply pop it in and continue with the rest of their day. This is ideal for those who don’t have the time to devote to trips to their gym or preparing a healthy diet. Keep in mind though that the natural methods combined with thermogenics are still better.

However, in the absence of those, the use of body-heating pills should be sufficient for a short span of time.

Relatively Safe

Thermogenics have been proven relatively safe after some studies. Note though that prior to taking this weight loss supplement, individuals are advised to first consult their physician. This is especially true if they are currently taking other medications or have preexisting health issues.

There is usually a limit to thermogenics intake which should be strictly followed.

Special Ingredients

Some thermogenics specially created for weight loss due to more than induce heat. It also contains other chemicals that help with the overall health of the individual. For example, there are vitamins and minerals are added in to help maintain the energy of a person throughout the day.

Aside from boosting their diet with additional vitamins, there are also ingredients that help maintain the sugar level of individuals. All in all, the additional ingredients in the product make it ideal for dieters who are decreasing their consumption while taking the pills.

Of course, those aren’t the only advantages of opting for thermogenics for weight loss. Depending on the type used, individuals will find themselves enjoying other perks through this method. Note that there are several thermogenic items out on the market today. Individuals are advised to consult their physician before choosing what to use. This way, they can avoid some problems that might be present due to personal health issues.

The Top Five Types of Thermogenic Supplements

Synephrine Thermogenic Supplement

With a large number of different types of thermogenic supplements to choose from, it can be hard and time-consuming to pick one that will work for you. So, to help you determine which ones are worth testing out, here is a list of the top five types of thermogenic supplements according to weight loss experts and thermogenic supplement users.

  • First on the list is Synephrine, which is derived from the plant called Citrus aurantium or the bitter orange.

Since it is a naturally occurring compound, you can expect synephrine have fewer and less severe side effects compared to other popular types of thermogenic supplements including the ephedra. Synephrine helps you lose weight by stimulating your fat receptors and reserves in order to increase the breakdown and release of fat, which leads to a faster metabolic rate. It is also said that synephrine can suppress your appetite, and increase your energy levels.

  • The second highest-rated type of thermogenic supplement is caffeine.

It is almost impossible to find weight loss supplements that do not contain caffeine or some other form of it, be it from a green tea extract or guaranine. Caffeine works by targeting your fat cells. It binds itself to them in order to inhibit their formation and buildup. Caffeine is also a naturally occurring stimulant, which gives it the ability to raise your energy levels as well.

  • Third on the list is the forskolin, which is a derivative of the plant Coleus for forskohlii.

Its main advantage over other types of thermogenic supplements is that it has been clinically proven to be effective in aiding people to lose weight. Other studies show that it can be more suitable for men since forskolin can also increase men’s testosterone levels.

Forskolin works by activating a certain type of enzyme, which facilitates the breakdown and release of body fats. The broken-down fats can then be used as a source of extra energy that you can use for your other workouts.

  • Fourth on the list is carnitine, which has effects similar to those of forskolin.

Aside from helping you burn off fat and increase testosterone levels, carnitine is also found to be a great supplement to help you build up your muscles. It can increase your muscle growth, as well as the muscle recovery needed by your body after your workouts.

  • Last on the list is the yohimbine, which is a naturally occurring active ingredient found in the plant called Yohimbe.

Studies show that this can effectively burn off fat in its users without even a change in their diet of the users. Like the other types of thermogenic supplements listed here, it works by targeting the fat cells in order to increase body temperature and metabolic rate. An added effect of this one is that it dilates the blood vessels to facilitate the release of body fat and cholesterol in the body.

As you can see, the bests of the different types of thermogenic supplements are of natural origin, so let that be a guide for you when choosing any weight loss products.

Ordering Thermogenics Online

One of the best places to buy weight loss supplements is through the internet. Not only are there several choices but individuals can also enjoy lower prices for the products. Prior to making any purchase, however, try tracing the background of the product, making sure that there is no negative feedback to it.

Read reviews and make comparisons before deciding to close a purchase. Buy only for reliable sellers who have been known to provide only the real deal in thermogenic products. Always read labels and look for side effects in a particular product. Do not be afraid to ask questions from the seller to glean more information.

Last Comments

All in all, thermogenics is not exactly a bad thing for those who are aspiring to lose weight and build their body into an astounding shape. Keep in mind however that thermogenics is not a be-all solution for weight loss. It is simply a supplement that speeds up the process, but not the main factor needed.

Instead, individuals are advised to undergo light exercises and adopt a healthy diet to shed some fat. This will make the thermogenics work more efficiently not to mention allow more permanent types of losing weight.

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