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Two Common Types Of Thermogenic Supplements

Weight loss is a popular topic among men and women. It’s been talked about for many years and people are still taking more interest in it.

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The main issue that keeps this topic interesting is most probably concerned about the different ways to lose weight. Methods like exercising and dieting are proven to promote weight loss but it does not necessarily mean that it will always work for you.

If you are having difficulties with weight loss, it may be best for you to take a more modern approach like taking in thermogenic supplements. Although it may sound new to you, rest assure that these supplements will support your weight loss program.

What is a thermogenic supplement?

Thermogenic supplements promote weight loss through manipulating your metabolism and enhancing your body’s ability to burn fat. Studies have proven that a person with an increased metabolic rate has a higher chance to lose weight due to a faster fat-burning ability.

Some people naturally have a faster metabolic rate than others. These are usually the people who don’t gain much weight even if they eat a lot. As for those who are not gifted with this kind of metabolism, they can, fortunately, alter it by taking in this supplement. Different thermogenic supplements are currently sold in the market and they are actually categorized into two.

Types of thermogenic supplement

Stimulants – Aside from the increased metabolic rate, stimulants also give you more energy and sometimes act as appetite suppressants depending on the brand you buy. They are usually used by people who use thermogenic supplements to support their weight loss program and not completely rely on them to lose weight.

The extra energy given by the stimulants can help you perform better and longer in the gym. They will also help you with your cravings thanks to their ability to suppress your appetite. Caffeine, pyruvate, and norepinephrine are usually the main ingredients used in them. Because of them, you may experience unwanted side effects such as difficulty in sleeping, feeling the jitters, and nausea.

Non-stimulants – Nonstimulants are completely focused on increasing your metabolic rate by targeting your central nervous system. You won’t get any other benefits other than this, unlike the stimulant type. One advantage of using this is that side effects are less likely to occur due to the absence of ingredients like caffeine.

If you are looking for a good non-stimulating thermogenic supplement, keep an eye out for those supplements with carnitine and arginine. These amino acids can promote the break of fats faster and thus increasing your chances of losing weight.

Choosing between these two thermogenic supplements depends on how you are planning to lose weight. If you are after to lose weight the quickest way possible, it would be wise for you to use the stimulating type while engaging with a complete workout program. But if you are only after to shed a couple of pounds or maintain your weight, then the non-stimulant type would already be enough for you.