Natalia Rocon
Published in October 27, 2020

Treatment for Vaginal Itching

As women grow older, they start to lose more and more of their bodily moisture, a consequence of the loss of estrogen.

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By Natalia Rocon

One of the many things this brings is vaginal dryness. The vagina’s loss of its natural liquids becomes very debilitating for a woman, especially since it proves to be a barrier towards great sex.

When the vagina ceases to provide its own lubrication, sex becomes painful, the possibility of developing infections skyrocket, and itching becomes frequent. Endless itching is one of the most bothering consequences of having a dry vagina, and more than anything else, vaginal itching can be very embarrassing. There are a variety of treatments for vaginal itching, but none are as effective as HerSolution.

What is Vaginal Itching and How Does HerSolution Provide a Solution for This?

Why exactly do women itch relentlessly when they begin to age? Vaginal itching is a symptom of various vaginal abnormalities. There are a lot of reasons why itching becomes frequent, from menopause to stress, yeast infections, use of harsh vaginal products, or vaginitis. Here’s how HerSolution provides a solution for each one of them.


When women start to age, they experience a drop in estrogen levels which causes their vaginal walls to thin down and provide less lubrication. Less lubrication means that the surface of the vagina becomes very dry, and very much like how your skin itches when it’s dry, the vagina itches as well. HerSolution provides a solution for this by moisturizing your vaginal walls with a patented component called Mirofirm. Mirofirm improves the lubrication of your vagina and restores its elasticity which in turn eradicates itchiness and brings back your vagina’s youthful elasticity.


If there one thing that can cause a variety of complications within the human body, it’s stress. Losing your control in life and experiencing frequent hopelessness can develop stress, and this can be one of the most pressing issues for an aging woman. Stress can increase your chances of developing vaginal itching and it makes you more vulnerable to infections as well.

Though stress is something completely external, it can be inevitable, and you need something to provide you with relief to make life just a little bit easier. HerSolution prevents vaginal dryness by pumping it with a variety of moisturizers and elasticity-producing ingredients.

HerSolution contains Allepo oak gall extract, a component known to restore the vaginas natural elasticity, lubrication, and sensitivity. Not only does HerSolution provide a solution for vaginal itchiness, but it also enhances your sex life and makes the steamy night more worthwhile!

Yeast Infections

One of the most embarrassing and stressful vaginal complications that women can develop are yeast infections. Raw and intense itchiness is one of the most prominent symptoms of yeast infections. Yeast infections or the potentiality for developing them are caused by a variety of things such as menstruation, pregnancy, birth control pills, antibiotics, sexual intercourse, weak immune systems, diabetes, or the use of condoms.

When the vagina develops a yeast infection, it produces a white curd-like discharge that tends to smell unpleasant and makes the vagina intensely itchy. HerSolution specializes in providing a solution for this by preventing it from ever happening. Some potent ingredients are geared towards preventing the development of fungus and bacteria.

HerSolution creates an unsuitable environment for Candidiasis, the infamous fungus known for causing yeast infection. By preventing yeast infection from ever happening, the woman’s confidence heightens, sex becomes great, and dreaded itchiness is warded off.

Vaginal itching is something almost all women have to deal with at some point in their lives. Bothersome itchiness can be very detrimental to a person’s livelihood, especially if it prevents you from doing things that you truly enjoy. Do yourself a favor and prevent vaginal itchiness from ever happening. Order HerSolution Female Renewal Gel today!

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