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Health and Beauty, Weight Loss - August 12, 2013

The Truth about Glucomannan

There are many dietary supplements in the market that claim to be effective in weight loss but none are as effective and as safe as glucomannan. With scientific proof to back up the effectiveness of this supplement, it is no wonder that some countries have allowed it to be sold to the general public.

glucomannan is a substance derived from a plant called konjac. The use of this substance has had a long history and it is said that it has been used even during ancient times in Asia as a cure for several ailments.

Although proof of its effectiveness against certain types of ailments has yet to be found, there are several discoveries made on the benefits of taking Glucomannan for cholesterol.

Since this supplement is plant-based, it has been found that it is very rich in fiber and just like any fiber rich food, it can help flush out toxins in our body. What makes glucomannan different is how it does that.

When mixed with water, glucomannan expands and becomes a thick, gel-like substance. This means that the dose you took can easily double or even triple in size as soon as it hits the stomach.

Also, unlike other fibers, especially those that are sold as food supplements, glucomannan is water soluble, meaning it has the ability to be absorbed by the body easier so it can enter the blood stream where it can filter cholesterol and flush it out of our system.

This is why the ancient Chinese have always thought that glucomannan can help detoxify our bodies.

Another known effect of taking glucomannan is its ability to suppress appetite. A gram of this substance, in powder form can be equivalent to several grams as soon as it takes in water.

Other plant based fibers suppresses appetite because fiber stays in our stomachs longer than anything else but many, especially those who are clinically obese and have large stomachs to fill, do not find this effective as they still feel empty.

With the inherent property of glucomannan to expand, it helps give the feeling of fullness so you really don’t have to consume a lot of it.

Scientist also found that glucomannan can help slow down the absorption of sugars found in food. Glucose, for example, is trapped and is prevented from entering the blood stream.

This is particularly helpful in preventing type 2 diabetes and also “sugar-crashing”. Instead of the body using the glucose for energy, it instead consume the stored fats which will lead to weight loss.

Lastly, the biggest benefit of glucomannan is its ability to absorb cholesterol from food. It blocks cholesterol the same way it blocks sugar and this helps lessen our cholesterol intake.

Our bodies are known to produce enough cholesterol through the liver so anything that comes from food source is considered excess. Also, once glucomannan is absorbed through digestion, it enters the blood stream and acts as good cholesterol that takes cholesterol out of our bodies instead of circulating it to our bodies.

There are many benefits of taking this supplement but make sure to take a glass of water after taking one table. This makes sure that glucomannan is pushed further down to the stomach before it turns into gel that can potentially cause choking.

BlackWolf Workout Reviewed - Hunter and Huntress Packs
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