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The Safe Weight Loss Per Week

What is the most amount of weight you can safely lose in a week to ensure that it is fat loss and not water or muscle loss?

Most medical sources say that rapid weight loss is dangerous and harmful to the body. This is true, as evidenced by the natural mechanisms in your body. Your body will notice a sudden weight loss and correct this by making you very hungry. This means that fasting is difficult. It is an exercise of willpower versus wants. The safe weight loss limit is set at two pounds a week, which is less than what many people want to lose.

There are ways to lose as much weight as one pound a day while minimizing the risk. There is no perfectly safe way to do this, but at least you can decrease the likelihood of suffering from it. These reliable methods unanimously require willpower and discipline, however, so it won’t be easy.

How much weight can you safely lose each week?

Well, that figure tends to depend on the individual that you’re asking. If you’re talking to the Biggest Loser trainers, they might say the more, the merrier. Those Biggest Loser folks lose up to 20+ pounds in one week. On the other hand, most realistic weight loss programs aim for a target of much less.

Barring television weight loss competition programs, the typical healthy diet is designed to cause the dieter about a 1% – 1.5% reduction in weight loss per week. So just how much is this? Well, let’s use a 300-pound man as an example. We are using 300 pounds because it’s a nice round number and it’s large enough to demonstrate the varying weight loss poundage’s as the body weight changes.

For a 300 pound man, a 1% loss will equal about 3 pounds lost in the first week, and about 2.97 pounds lost on the second week. It’s a moving target that averages about 1 pound loss for every 100 pounds body weight. Some may think that this is small potatoes. Well, a 1% loss per weeks about 35 pounds for a 300-pound man over the course of 1 year. A 1.5% loss per week is about 50 pounds from a 300-pound man in 1 year. It’s not TV numbers, but it’s more realistic and according to many much safer.

Also, one of the major benefits of losing weight more slowly is that it doesn’t require following an impossible diet. Think about it, to lose 1 – 1.5 % only takes some slight modification to your diet, which means you will likely keep up with the diet without dealing with starvation or temptation. It also gives your body adequate time to adjust to the new weight loss.

The skin, for example, doesn’t always respond to very quick weight loss and depending on the amount lost, you could be dealing with some skin sag. Have you ever wondered why the shirts go on after about the 4th week on biggest Loser? More than likely, the skin is screaming.

Of course, none of this is medical weight loss facts; it’s just the information one dieter has learned over the lifetime of battling weight issues. History and experience have shown me that the slowly but surely weight loss crowd typically do better than the fast and super-fast folks.