Natalia Rocon
Published in November 9, 2020

The Health Benefits of Coconut Water

Coconut water has the potential to be one of the world's healthiest drinks because of its amazing health benefits.


By Natalia Rocon

It is a liquid or juice obtained from an immature green coconut, it’s all natural. However, it is best to drink it when it is five months because the water has a bitter tinge if consumed earlier. Coconut water contains more potassium than a majority of energy drinks consumed worldwide. The following are the fascinating health benefits of drinking this beverage:

Help boost body energy

Quite a huge number of coconut water devotees have praised its ability to boost the body’s energy. This can be associated with the fact that coconut water contains potassium, a powerful electrolyte that enhances muscular contraction and relaxation, and thus boosting the muscles’ ability to generate more energy. Also, this electrolyte increases the rate of body metabolisms that yield energy. However, avoid drinking coconut water if you need to restrict your potassium intake medically.

Cardiovascular health

There are several documented study reports that have confirmed that potassium in coconut water can greatly reduce the risks of strokes and hypertension. Individuals with low potassium levels are quite often faced with the risk of high blood pressure.

Also, according to a number of animal studies, coconut water can also help in reducing blood cholesterol levels while at the same time help boost HDL cholesterol levels. You should therefore drink coconut water on a regular basis because it is a natural treatment for maintaining good cardiovascular health.

Body hydration

The human loses a lot of fluids and minerals during physical activities and hence causes dehydration. However, coconut water is widely known for its ability to help replace such minerals and fluids because it is rich in potassium and other minerals. Potassium helps regulate the absorption of internal fluids and hence rehydrates the body by replenishing water and minerals lost through sweats.

Reduces the risk of kidney stones

It is surprising to know that coconut is very helpful in dissolving kidney stones through a mechanism that is yet to be established. This beverage helps in preventing the occurrence of kidney stones due to the presence of alkalizing minerals like magnesium and potassium.

Help with digestive problems

Lauric acid contained in coconut water is converted into monolaurin upon consumption. Monolaurin has great antibacterial, antiviral and antiprotozoal activity and hence helps in fighting against parasites, lipid-coated worms, and intestinal worms that cause problems like constipation and diarrhea along the digestive tract. It is therefore a simple home remedy for intestinal worms in children and infants but only when mixed with extra virgin olive oil.

Weight Loss

This is one of the greatest health benefits of drinking coconut water because it is low in fat, chlorides, and cholesterol. As mentioned earlier, it is an isotonic beverage that increases the rate at which body metabolisms that burn more fat occur. Also, it reduces the craving for some unhealthy foods and if you are struggling with weight issues, coconut water should be your drink of choice.

Skin health

According to recent research, it has emerged that coconut water is rich in Cytokinins that help regulate the growth and division of your skin cells. Also, it has abundant Lauric acid which can help minimize the aging of your skin cells, keep connective tissues strong, and balance PH levels. All you need to do is apply coconut water onto your affected skin areas every night before going to bed.

Recipes and tips with Coconut Water

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