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The Corporate Rat’s Weight Loss Solution

So everyone’s wishing to lose weight but everyone is busy. How can you concentrate on any weight loss effort if you barely even have the chance to sleep, right? That’s a tough challenge.

The Corporate Rat’s Weight Loss Solution

In this article, let’s discuss some practical points on how a corporate rat like you can beat this dilemma.

Basically, the idea starts and ends with this: to watch what you eat and move as much as possible. These are the two closest things to dieting and exercising you can get. As you know, they are the most popular and effective methods to lose weight.

Here is a good rundown of simple things you can do every day:

Forget about comfort foods – Yes, you are stressed out and need some comfort food, but this isn’t exactly what your body needs. What it really needs is food that will not only satiate hunger but also enhance bodily functions. The best thing is to stock up on whole wheat products and fruits. They can serve as a perfect replacement for candy bars and chips you keep on hoarding from the vending machine break after break. Whole wheat and fruits are good for chewing to calm you. But it’s not only that, they are rich in fiber too; which improves digestion and makes sure your tummy is as healthy and lean as it can be.

Drink loads of water – Water is an amazing aid for weight loss because apart from its cleansing powers, it also helps you say no to sodas. Make it a habit to bring your own bottle of water to the office and reach out for it every time you need to. Sodas may taste good, but they are one of the major causes of obesity in the country.

Take a break and walk – Perhaps a ten or fifteen-minute walk will not suffice to make you Lady Gaga-thin or something, but it can definitely help stimulate better circulation. In addition, it can also help cool your mind, refresh your emotions, and just bring a smile to your face. These things sound mundane, but hey, at least you can go back to your desk feeling good without the help of any comfort food!

Do things yourself – If you’re not too swamped and you could use some stretching, don’t ask the errand boy to do things for you. Instead, do them yourself. You know, photocopy this, send this to that person, and the likes. They are not only a terrific way to move more but also to take some short breather.

These are the simple yet effective steps that every corporate rat should take in order to solve weight problems. Remember, control what you eat and move a lot. They may sound rather plain but they sure can deliver. Besides, for a busy bee like you, even these two small things might already prove to be a challenge. Pace yourself. Weight loss isn’t easy, but if you are determined, nothing can be too hard. If others can do it, so can you!