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The Best Online Source for Hair Growth Supplements

Natural Health Source is the number one website that sells top-rated, high quality, safe, effective, clinically proven and doctor recommended NATURAL supplements that fight the effects of aging.

Hair loss is a common problem for many men. It is common for men to start losing their hair when they hit their thirties, and this is due to a certain hormone called DHT. DHT or dihydrotestosterone is a kind of testosterone that has adverse effects on the production of hair. It is responsible for a hair loss process called follicle miniaturization.

Follical Miniaturization involves the shrinking of your hair follicles until they disappear totally. Hair follicles are the production sites of hair under your scalp. The good news is that the website, Natural Health Source offers the best products to fight hair loss in men.

ProFollica is a product developed by doctors and scientists and is perfected after 15 long years of dedicated research and development.

Natural Health Source is one of the exclusive distributors of the product. It only sells products that are NATURAL, and are clinically proven safe and effective for use. The website also makes sure that the products they are selling are backed by clinical studies, and are DOCTOR RECOMMENDED. These are some of the reasons why it is also promoting ProFollica.

ProFollica comes in two products, which are the Nutritional Supplement, and the Hair Stimulator external drop. The Nutritional Supplement helps in fortifying the body against the imbalance of DHT. It contains a potent mix of important amino acids, herbal extracts, nutrients, and natural enzymes that help your body control and limit your production of DHT.

The hair Stimulator is a type of gel that contains Trichogen, a patented formula that improves hair growth by as much as 90%. It is clinically tested and proven very effective in reactivating dead hair follicles. It is so effective that doctors are recommending ProFollica to their patients. Trichogen helps in promoting hair growth by blocking DHT before it even formulates.

The product is available at Natural Health Source. The product is guaranteed 100% natural and safe. There are no reported side effects. The only results are healthy new hair, improved blood circulation around the hair follicles, and richer, healthier, suppler hair after use.

Natural Health Source offers three packages for ProFollica.

Save $60 when you avail of the 6 months supply of the product for only $300. You get 6 units each of the Nutritional Supplement and the Hair Stimulator, plus a bonus gift.

You can also avail of the 3 months supply and save $20. You will get 3 units of the Nutritional Supplement and the Hair Stimulator with a bonus gift for only $160. The single unit price of the ProFollica is $60.

You can also get other helpful natural products from Natural Health Source at discounted prices. There are products for anti-aging, sexual health, male health, female health, skin care, and general health.

All products sold at Natural Health Source are top-rated, high-quality, natural products that are clinically proven safe and effective for use. Most of the products on the website are doctor recommended, so you can be sure of their effectiveness.

ProFollica discounts are available only a LIMITED TIME OFFER. These products are DOCTOR RECOMMENDED. There are 4 out of 5 people who bought this product were very satisfied with the results.

You too can enjoy the benefits of this NEW and IMPROVED natural hair loss treatment without the usual side effects and expensive costs. Drop everything else and let nature do the work. Natural Health Source is your best online source for the best dietary supplements and natural products to promote youthful exuberance.