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Slim Weight Patch: Your Partner in Successful Weight Loss

More than half the world’s population is suffering from weight problems and is, therefore, more susceptible to lifestyle diseases that could eventually turn out to be life-threatening.

Millions of dollars are being spent by people around the globe for thousands of different products all promising to trim them down to their ideal body weight, size, and shape.

Sadly, all this money seems to go down the drain with the number of people who are overweight still on the rise. With the discovery of the new Slim Weight Patch, there might just be an end to this quest for the right solution to help people with weight problems shed their excess pounds and keep them off safely. This weight loss patch is engineered with the latest technology using ingredients that have been found to be effective in laboratory tests.

Excess Baggage

Whether it be for vanity or for health reasons, the quest for weight loss is a perennial concern for a lot of people – the excess baggage is really something that they can definitely do without. Self-image problems that come from having excess weight actually give rise to various health problems such as depression, anxiety, and other psychosocial and behavioral issues.

Aside from these, there are the obvious ailments that are caused by the accumulation of fat and toxins inside the body. The most common ailments associated with excess weight include heart disease and diabetes which, according to studies, are some of the leading causes of death the world over.

The good news is that no one has to suffer from the ill effects of carrying excess weight around. With the Slim Weight Patch, there is now an easy and effective way to get rid of excess weight fast.

Most of the available weight loss products in the market today come in the form of tablets, supplements, and dietary replacement drinks or foods. What people do not realize is that by opting for these products, they are actually throwing away a huge portion of the money they pay for it. Studies have shown that only a scant 5% of the substances that are taken orally are able to make their way to the body’s cellular system where they are most effective.

A lot of the substances that are contained in these weight loss products are actually destroyed in the digestive system and are eventually excreted out of the body. The active ingredients of these weight loss products do not actually serve their purpose since most of them do not make their way to the cells where they are supposed to be utilized.

The solution to this is to take more of the products in order for the body to get the right amount of the needed substances. This increased dosing would obviously bring up the cost. Perhaps one of the reasons why people eventually stop taking these weight loss products altogether is that they get to be expensive after the initial promotional discounts have ceased to be in effect. The discovery of the Slim Weight Patch gives people with weight loss problems a better alternative to the different products available in the market today both in terms of effectiveness and cost.

Tomorrow’s Technology Today

The Slim Weight Patch is a technologically advanced solution to weight loss. Instead of delivering the weight loss ingredients orally, this solution uses a transdermal delivery system that has been proven to be more effective in making the weight loss substances available to the body’s cellular system as it is absorbed more readily into the bloodstream through the skin.

Doctors all over the world have recognized the effectiveness of the patch and transdermal technology as a more reliable way through which essential ingredients and nutrients could reach the cells – transdermal patches, in fact, are considered by many to be the delivery system of the future.

Safe and All Natural Ingredients

Aside from the effective delivery system, the Slim Weight Patch contains a combination of potent ingredients that are safely able to result in successful weight loss. The unique formulation of the Slim Weight Patch consists of ingredients that serve to boost the body’s metabolism, turn the body into a fat burning furnace, and suppress the body’s carbohydrate cravings and binge eating triggers.

These potent ingredients including Guarana, Garcinia Cambogia, Zinc Pyruvate, Yerba Mate, Flaxseed Oil, Lecithin, L-Carnitine, and Zinc Citrate are all natural and safe for use by anyone. Here are some of the highlights that make the Slim Weight Patch a truly packs power into this tiny weight loss patch:

1. The metabolic enhancer in Fucus vesiculosus and zinc citrate – Fucus vesiculosus is harvested from natural sea plant and used for centuries as a healing agent as well as a weight control herb. It is particularly known for its iodine content which aids in the production of the thyroid hormone to boost the body’s metabolic processes. As a result of ingesting fucus vesiculosus, weight loss is achieved without necessarily going through a drastic food deprivation diet. Zinc Citrate is another component that boosts the body’s metabolic processes in order to speed up the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates.

2. The fat burning properties of L-Carnitine, Lecithin, Guarana, and Zinc Pyruvate – L-Carnitine is a substance that is popular in many of the latest fat burning products. It is known to help long chain fatty acids get into the cells to be burned and turned into cellular energy instead of accumulating as the fatty build-up in the heart and muscles. Lecithin is another ingredient in the Slim Weight Patch that prevents the accumulation of fats in the heart and other organs like the liver and the kidneys. On the other hand, both Guarana and Zinc Pyruvate enhance the fat burning process while at the same time increasing energy and improving endurance levels. The caffeine content in Guarana spurs the nervous system into lipolysis, or the fat burning process while Zinc Pyruvate decreases blood glucose levels and lowers blood cholesterol levels.

3. The appetite suppressant in Garcinia Cambogia and 5HTP – The downfall of most weight loss products and diets often comes from the carbohydrate cravings that result from the serotonin drop caused by food deprivation. When dieters give in to these cravings, they start binge eating and get discouraged in their weight loss program. 5HTP effectively curbs these cravings so that weight loss efforts are not derailed by binge eating. Similarly, the hydroxycitric acid (HCA) extract that comes from the Garcinia Cambogia fruit from India has appetite suppressing properties that block hunger pangs and cravings while at the same time enhancing the body’s fat burning processes.

A Worthy Alternative

With all the different weight loss products in the market today, it is but natural for people to feel wary about the Slim Weight Patch. The overwhelming showing, however, of the limited test campaigns of the Slim Weight Patch speak about the kind of results users of the patch have experienced.

Just a small breathable waterproof patch can be inconspicuously placed on the body for its all natural ingredients to be absorbed into the body to work their weight loss powers for a whole day. There is no free trial offer on the Slim Weight Patch but there is a 180-day money back guarantee that customers can bank on if they are not satisfied with their purchase.

Orders are processed in a secure online facility and are shipped in discreet plain packaging. Since there is a high demand for the Slim Weight Patch, each customer is only limited to ordering a maximum of one 6-month supply. A 6-pack Slim Weight Patch order of 30 patches per pack costs $150.44.

For customers who wish to know more about the Slim Weight Patch or who may have the need for more information other than those provided in their website can make use of the live chat customer support facility. Customers from other parts of the world could also take advantage of the weight loss benefits of the Slim Weight Patch as there is a multi-language online ticket system also available on their website.