Sleeptox Detox Foot Patches – Detox Whilst You Sleep!

Sleeptox Detox Foot Patches are easy to use, and should be applied before sleep at night. We recommend using the patches for 5 consecutive nights for the best results. Wash and dry feet before applying the patch. Only apply one patch per foot.

Sleeptox Detox Foot Patches may seem like very unusual tools for detox but all its users will not deprive this herbal foot patch of praise because it works in very interesting ways. After all, it’s not easy to understand how a foot patch can detoxify the body from harmful elements.

Sleeptox Detox Foot Patches are reportedly designed according to ancient Asian medical practices. While the sticker technology is a breakthrough in detox practices, the ingredients in this herbal foot patch are all-natural.

Scientific studies show that the bamboo vinegar can relieve the body of disorders that cause the build-up of toxins. It reduces incidences of inflammation and stimulates better blood circulation.

It also makes sense that bamboo vinegar is included in the list of ingredients because it gets rid of unnecessary build-up of waste in the body. Aside from that, bamboo vinegar dispels foot ailments (e.g. athlete’s foot) and softens the skin.

The patch also contains generous amounts of tourmaline, a mineral from gemstones that is known to aid in the body’s detoxification process. The interaction of ions also helps in maintain mental alertness. You can also rely on the foot patch to provide you with Vitamin C, to increase the body’s immunity against various diseases.

Why should you use a Herbal Foot Patch in Detoxifying your Body?

There are reportedly spots in the body – which are similar to spots in reflexology – that correspond to certain body parts. Stimulating these spots will draw out the wastes accumulated in the pertinent body parts.

The effects of Sleeptox Detox Foot Patches can be felt immediately. Within days of use, the energy that was never in your body before will charge you up. Vitality is very evident, as well as an enhanced sense of overall wellbeing.

Using Sleeptox Detox Foot Patches is very easy. You only have to apply them at night before bedtime, so you will most likely remember this. At least you don’t have to worry about applying the patches in your morning rush on your way to work.

Before anything else, wash your feet and dry them thoroughly. You need a clean surface for the patch to stick well. Peel the back from 2 of the adhesive sheets to reveal the sticky pad. Press the patch firmly on the center of the sticky pad.

Apply one patch of the sole of the foot, pressing down firmly to make sure that the patch clings to the skin well. Wear socks over the patches so they will surely cling to the feet at least 8 hours overnight.

When you wake up in the morning, remove the patch and observe its dark brown color and strong scent. These are signs that the patch is effective. Wash the foot well and throw the patches away. Use the patches for 5 consecutive nights to see best results of this herbal foot patch.

Sleeptox Detox Foot Patches are very gentle and safe to use. If you want to jumpstart your body’s detoxification process but you’re too scared of intimidating cleanse juices, start with this low-maintenance detox apparatus.

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