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What about weight loss, is the saffron crocus extract effective for that?

Some of you might have encountered details telling you that saffron extract supplements such as Saffron Gold Plus are effective for those who are trying to lose weight.

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While there is still much research that needs to be done to prove this claim, there have been studies that shed a positive light on it.

However, before you do attempt to buy and take supplements such as Saffron Gold Plus, it is always best to do some research and read up on reviews regarding the product. Furthermore, doing research about the most important of the supplement’s ingredients, the Saffron flower, can give you a better idea regarding the possible new addition to your healthy diet.

Fortunately for you, the following is a short and easy to understand introduction to the saffron flower, as well as the benefits that you can get out of this interesting plant.

What is the Saffron crocus?

Saffron is a spice that is the product of the Crocus sativus flower or more popularly named the Saffron crocus. Extract from the saffron flower is called the Crocus sativus extract. Iridaceae is the plant family wherein the Saffron is a genus.

You can grow a saffron flower for up to twenty (20) to thirty (30) centimeters or eight to twelve inches. It will give about a maximum of four flowers, and every flower will have three pertinent deep red stigmas that are located at the farthest point of a carpel.

How is the Saffron crocus initially prepared?

The saffron flower is harvested for human consumption by taking the stalks together with the stigmas which are attached to the main plant. These are then dried and used as one of the most important ingredients for a wide variety of dishes as well as for food and clothing coloring.

The stigmas of the saffron crocus have to be harvested solely by hand, and each plant only has a very limited number within each flower. That is why it is considered to be the most pricey spice in the entire globe.

Where is the Saffron crocus locally grown?

Saffron as a spice is one of the most expensive to buy by weight, and it is grown locally in Southwest Asia as well as in Greece, wherein it was first grown. It must be known that Saffron crocus is not a wild plant, although it has possibly descended from the plant Crocus cartwrightianus, which is a native plant in Crete, Greece.

The Saffron plant is a genetically monomorphic clone, and it has spread throughout the areas between Europe and Asia until it was grown in farther areas such as the United States of America, Oceania, as well as North Africa. Currently, Iran is the country that produces about ninety percent (90 %) of the world’s consumption of saffron.

What do the Saffron crocus taste and smell like?

Saffron crocus or Crocus Sativus extract tastes quite bitter and has a smell similar to hay which is due to the natural chemicals called picrocrocin and safranal within the plant. It has a vivid gold color which is due to the carotenoid dye called crocin, and this is used to give color to cloth and chinaware.

The aroma that you would get out of processed saffron crocus is said to have a kind of honey or plant-like scent. When used as a food coloring, it gives the food a rich golden-orange hue.

The saffron spice is very commonly used in Persian, Arab, Indian, European, and Turkish dishes. Even chocolate makers and alcoholic beverage producers make use of the saffron crocus.

However, since it is quite expensive, the substitutes are sometimes chosen instead, which are turmeric, safflower, and annatto.

What are the different benefits that one can get from the saffron crocus?

There are many positive medicinal side effects that have been linked to the Crocus Sativus extract. For instance, there have been a lot of modern studies that showed that the extract or the spice has anti-cancer and anti-mutagenic capabilities. It is also a large source of antioxidants and is said to boost the immune system.

The stigmas and petals of the saffron flower are said to help in the treatment of depression. Some research has led to the conclusion that it can also shield the eyes from strong direct light thus preventing the retina from getting damaged. It is also mentioned in some studies that it can help decelerate macular degeneration and other dangerous eye maladies.

What about weight loss, is the saffron crocus extract effective for that?

Losing weight can be a challenge for some people, especially those who find it extremely difficult to say no to food, and those who have jobs that make them sit all day and work, therefore leading them to go hungry and eat more but not burn it off through adequate exercise.

That is why weight loss supplements such as the saffron crocus extract supplement are a common choice.
Supplements such as the Saffron Gold Plus are said to be able to help boost the chances of losing weight more effectively by lowering the desire to eat frequently and in large amounts.

What are the side effects of taking saffron crocus supplements?

Keep in mind that you may experience side effects when you are taking a Saffron supplement. You may or may not experience getting a headache, sleepiness, lightheadedness, and dry mouth. It is also imperative that you talk to your doctor before regularly taking the supplements, and not exceed the maximum of two capsules a day.

Too many of the Saffron crocus supplements such as the Saffron Gold Plus can lead to bleeding, loss of senses, and puking. Those who have been diagnosed as having a psychological disorder are also refrained from taking the saffron crocus supplement as this has an effect on the mood of a person.

Where is the saffron crocus extract supplement available to buy?

You can find these products in almost any grocery or drug store. You can also buy a bottle online from a direct seller or natural food store which sells weight-loss supplements in particular.