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Richibrown Natox Cream Reviews – Is It the True Alternative to Botox?

Richibrown Natox Cream

Botox is usually the first thing people think of when they think of remedies for aging. The treatment has become quite popular ever since some well-known celebrities have stepped forward to admit that they have used this kind of treatment at least once in their lives in order to retain their looks so they can continue to book jobs.

Unfortunately, Botox also comes with its own set of problems. Not only is this treatment expensive (each injection can set you back hundreds of dollars), it can also be very painful and cause side effects as well, since you will effectively be injecting a type of toxin into your skin (the most common side effect of Botox is that you will only be able to do a limited number of facial expressions, since the toxin effectively freezes the muscles in your face).

This is also not a permanent cure. Since Botox only works for a limited period of time, your wrinkles will eventually come back. Given these downsides, a lot of people are instead turning to the top anti ageing products in 2012 to get rid of their wrinkles and other signs of aging. Among these, Natox is a serious contender for being the best anti ageing cream in 2012, thanks to its effectiveness.

What is Natox?

This is a new brand of anti-aging cream developed by Richi Brown in their labs in South Africa. This product was formulated to have the same effects of Botox without causing any of its downsides.

What Botulinum toxinum (the substance injected in Botox treatments) essentially does is that it blocks the communication between the nerve endings so that these won’t release a type of neurotransmitter called acetylcholine, which is responsible for the appearance of wrinkles (caused by the contraction of muscles underneath the skin).

In doing so, Botox effectively relaxes the muscles in order to smooth the skin, resulting in disappearing wrinkles. Notox essentially causes the same effects, however, instead of injecting a possibly harmful toxin in your skin, the manufacturers of this product instead used their science know-how in order to produce a safer and alternative to Botox.

What Natox essentially does is that it taps into quantum physics in order to tap electromagnetic fields and energy discharges in order to bind the nerve endings so that these won’t produce acetylcholine. As such, you get the same smooth skin as you would in Botox, except you don’t have to get toxin injections to get these results. Read Natox Testimonials – CLICK HERE.

Natox Benefits:

  • Lines become visibly reduced
  • Hydration is improved
  • Complexion appears radiant
  • Reduction in pore skin
  • Increased skin clarity
  • Skin becomes softer & smoother
  • Skin appears firmer and more plump
  • You gain younger looking skin
  • Improved elasticity of skin
  • Increased collagen production

In fact, this product is actually the result of over 6 years of extensive scientific research in order to find a viable alternative to Botox. As can be seen, the safety of their clients is a prime concern of Richi Brown, which is why the company only uses natural ingredients when they manufacture Natox. Its list of ingredients include:

Organic sunflower seed oil (taken from Helianthus annuus). Organic sunflower seed oil is commonly used in skin care products. It has moisturizing abilities, allowing water to be locked in the skin to keep it looking young and supple. It can also protect the skin from damage.

Glycerin. Glycerin is another common ingredient in skin care products. It helps the skin become smoother and softer thanks to its moisturizing and emollient properties.

Salicylic acid. Salicylic acid has antibacterial and antifungal properties to keep your skin protected from these harmful organisms.

Sodium cocoyl glutamate. Extracted from coconuts, this ingredient also has moisturizing and emulsifying properties.

Sorbic acid. Sorbic acid works as a preservative.

Why buy Natox anti-ageing botox alternative

Given this, is Natox effective? According to Natox reviews, it is. Some of the benefits you can get by using the product are:

Anti-aging. Natox is formulated as an anti-aging product, and you will definitely get the results that this product is advertising. Not only will this help smooth your skin to help get rid of the wrinkles and fine lines, it can also improve your complexion (including refining your skin tone), hydrate your skin, and make your skin appear younger by making it firmer and plumper. It can even prevent the signs of aging, making this product a good choice for young people who want to avoid getting the premature signs of aging.

Safe. Botox might be able to make the skin smoother, but it also carries its own share of possible side effects. You can avoid these problems by using Natox, since you won’t have a toxin injected in your skin with this aging remedy. It’s also made of natural ingredients, which lend support to the manufacturers’ claims that this won’t cause any side effects.

Pain-free. Natox is a cream that you use on your face twice a day, so there’s no way that you will be experiencing pain while using this product. Compare this with Botox, wherein you will need to have something injected in your face every so often just so you can experience its effects.

Long-lasting effect. As mentioned earlier, Botox isn’t a permanent remedy. Once the effects of the injection fades, your skin will droop once again. Natox has been designed for a mid- to long-term treatment of the signs of aging. As long as you continue using this, you will be able to help stave off the signs of aging, allowing you to keep your youthful looks for a longer time.

Affordable. Botox can easily set you back hundreds of dollars per treatment, which is way more expensive compared to getting Natox. What’s more, Natox comes with a money-back guarantee, so you can always return the product and get your money back if you feel that you’re not getting the results that you want with this product.

Before you consider drastic remedies such as Botox or even cosmetic surgery to reverse the signs of aging, take a look at other alternatives as well. As this "What is Natox?" article shows, this product can be a very powerful remedy to help prevent the signs of aging. Check out what this product has to offer to see if this is a good option for you.

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