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One of the Most Detailed Reviews of 7-Keto from NOW Foods

The best technique to losing weight is to go with your bodys natural processes. What does your body produce to keep it strong? Your body is already its own source of weight loss supplements but it needs a little push. Now 7-KETO Weight Management Supplements contain the hormone metabolite that the body produces to keep the weight healthy.

Now 7-KETO Weight Management Supplements are rich in 7-KETO, a naturally occurring metabolite of DHEA or dehydroepiandrosterone. This hormone is the most abundantly produced in the adrenal glands (10-15 mg per day), which are situated right above the kidneys. DHEA is converted by the body into male and female hormones. DHEA is often prescribed to address weight issues.

However, there have been issues on the use of DHEA as an anti-aging and weight loss supplement. It has been associated with the increased risk of reproductive system cancers (e.g. breast, ovarian, and prostate). It can also affect the blood sugar levels, which is why individuals with diabetes are not allowed to take them.

Now 7-KETO Weight Management Vcaps contain 7-KETO DHEA (or 7-KETO) instead. Scientists came up with this as a safer alternative to pure DHEA. 7-KETO is a hormone metabolite that stimulates faster body fat reduction, minus the risks associated with pure DHEA. 7-KETO is different from DHEA because the former is not converted into estrogen or testosterone.

7-KETO may be a hormone metabolite of DHEA but the two still have different functions. 7-KETO and pure DHEA are similar because both decline in production as a person grows older. Studies show that by the time a person turns 50, the production of 7-KETO would have also declined by 50%.

The study results also show a relationship between age and weight gain. As a person grows older, it gets more difficult to lose weight. The immune system of an old person is also significantly weaker.

7-KETO is responsible for reversing the aging process and keeping the excess pounds at bay.

7-KETO stimulates the thermogenic enzymes in the body. When the body produces enough heat, it encourages the liver cells to torch those fatty acids into energy. Without the thermogenic process, the fatty acids would be stored as fat reserves (a.k.a. flabs).

7-KETO is safer than pure DHEA because according to studies, 7-KETO does not pile up in the body. This hormone metabolite is immediately absorbed. There is no build-up that can cause the adverse side effects of DHEA.

Every dose of Now 7-KETO Weight Management Supplement is a step closer to a healthier and trimmer body. One user reports losing 7 lbs. in the past six months. Other than that, he also says that his energy levels have been more stable. And, he gets better sleep at night. Sleep is important both in weight loss and protecting the immune system.

Another user says that the supplement must be used with the right diet and regular exercise. Although some weight loss supplements promise rapid results, they also bring back the weight rapidly once the user gets off the supplements. Now 7-KETO Weight Management Supplement offers a more permanent weight loss, minus the yo-yo figures brought about by crash diets.