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Adrafinil Nootropic Smart Drug

Energy • Cognition • Mood Enhancement • Focus • Memory • Motivation • Vitality • Neuroprotection.

Adrafinil is a drug that metabolizes into modafinil and it’s also one of the most popular nootropic around. The usage of Adrafinil, enables the user to have a cognitive ability, wakefulness, focus and concentration. It is mostly in use by the world class athletes, US fighter jet pilots and on the international space station by the astronauts. The drug has passed stringent medical tests before it was introduced into the market. Many of its users have recorded positive results after using this drug within a certain period.

For whatever conditions you want, there is always a way out in using Adrafinil. It is the most effective drug in ensuring that it gives your body all the functionalities that have all the competitive cognitive edge. Modafinil provides potent and reliable method of cognitive enhancement.


Modafinil: This is the most effective and active ingredient of Adrafinil. The main purpose of modafinil in the drug is to ensure that the body remains cognitive.

Silicon dioxide: Silicon dioxide ensures that the drug remains the number one choice of drug that works on all the mental conditions. It’s commonly used in other drugs of the same purpose.

Magnesium stearate: This is one of the most known ingredients in providing the body with stimulation that is required to remain active and productive.

Gelatin: It helps in increasing hypothalamic levels in the brain.

How does it work?

Although there are no specific measures of how Adrafinil works. It is believed to selectively stimulate certain receptors in the brain. This stimulation helps in keeping your brain active during the day and more productive. Within a period of 45-60 minutes of usage, you will automatically see evidence of its factions in the body.

However, the drug is not recommended on regular basis. You are only required to use it every other day and at least 3-4 times per week and a minimum of 2 weeks usage so as to avoid toxicity of the river.

Heart rate and blood pressure

You don’t have to be worried about how your blood pressure after using the drug, it does not affect your BP at all.

Clinically test

Before the drug was released to the market, it was taken through several medical research and it was proven to work and gives positive results.

Its mild

Unlike all the other stimulants, Adrafinil is rich in nootropic supplements and it does not cause a typically hyper or high feeling.

Keeps you alert

Adrafinil ensures that you remain alert when you need and when you want to sleep as well.


  • If overused it may cause liver toxicity
  • It’s very expensive

Any side effects

Just like other drugs, it may not be good for persons with specific allergies. However, during the usage, you may experience dizziness, headache, increased anxiety, dry mouth, diarrhea and nausea.

Final verdict

This is a highly recommended drug for all the brain conditions. When you take the proper dosage using the instructions provided and you observe the right precautions, it will definitely work and give you the positive results within a very short time. In case of any side effects occurrence, it is advised to see a physician and seek medical help immediately.

Health and Beauty / February 17, 2017

BlackWolf Workout Reviewed - Hunter and Huntress Packs
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