Obesity and Low Testosterone

Obesity is known to cause diabetes, hypertension and heart disease but now, it is also associated with low testosterone in men. According to a published study in 2010 by the endocrinologists of the University of Buffalo, forty percent of obese male participants had testosterone inadequacy.

Such a study is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, investigation made on the link between low testosterone and obesity so far and it reveals that obesity might possibly influence on its own testosterone concentrations.

The researches behind the study hypothesized the probability of obese male having testosterone insufficiency than men who are not obese. The results of the study confirmed this theory as it revealed an additional 40% prevalence of testosterone deficiency in obese males compared to male participants who were not at all obese.

To increase the levels of testosterone in men, they should lose weight through regular workouts. There are also testosterone supplements that can be taken so that obese men can shed off excess fat.

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