Niacin Can Help Reduce Cholesterol Levels
Niacin Can Help Reduce Cholesterol Levels
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Niacin Can Help Reduce Cholesterol Levels

One of the most vital vitamins that our body needs is Niacin. Niacin which is also known as nicotinic acid or vitamin B3 provides the body with elements that could help maintain optimum health and state of well being.

Several researches that were conducted about niacin showed and found out that it has the capacity to lower down cholesterol level and help it maintain in normal limits. If you want to achieve normal cholesterol then invest on foods that are rich in niacin.

At present, several doctors are now including drugs that contain ample concentration of niacin as part of their treatment regimen for their patients. Prescription niacin includes the following brand names: Niaspan, Niacor, Slo-Niacin. You may also get considerable amounts of niacin from niacin-rich foods such as fish, dairy products, meat, poultry and nuts.

Niacin Helps by Sustaining and Maintaining Enough Good Cholesterol

To make things more simple and easy to be understood, niacin has the innate ability to sustain existing levels of good cholesterol (HDL or high-density lipoproteins).

There was this study which has been published in the year 2008 by the Journal of Lipid Research that affirms the essentiality of niacin as a measure to help preserve and support good cholesterol (HDL) by increasing its normal production by the liver and preventing it from being removed hastily from the body.

The preservation is made possible because Niacin has been found out to bind to the beta chain enzyme which is the one accountable in getting rid of HDL from the blood. Because niacin could bind and reduce beta chains up to 27%, in exchange, the amount of HDL could also increase up to 35%.

Good Cholesterol and Niacin

HDLs or the “good cholesterol” are thought to be helpful in warding off the effect of bad cholesterol and sweeping them out of the system. The bad cholesterol are those that are capable of building-up in the arterial walls, which can lead to arterial blockage.

High Density Lipoproteins are very critical in aiding the body to get rid of the undesirable and detrimental effects of bad cholesterols LDL’s in the human body.

Increased HDL levels then means there is more good cholesterol available to help the body to decrease the levels of LDL cholesterol in the blood. These bad cholesterol (low density lipoprotein or LDL) is responsible in putting our health at stake by through them many diseases it brings such as plaque buildup in the arterial walls which will lead to arterial blockage and eventually, stroke. Basically, HDL carries LDL back to the liver for processing effectively reducing LDL throughout the cardiovascular system.

The many researches and studies that were conducted could really verify the benefits of niacin as a medium to combat high cholesterol levels. Hence, it is very important to ensure that you are getting enough amount of niacin daily. It is advisable for you to consume at least 1 to 2 grams or 1000 to 2000 milligrams of niacin per day for you to get rid of LDL up to 20%, it can also decrease triglyceride level from 20 to 50 percent.

Niacin is available in capsule form at your local or internet vitamin store. Always choose name brands like Solaray to ensure quality of what you buy for better health.

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