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Natalia Rocon Diet Plan: Tuesday – Gaining Steam With Your Plan

Natalia Rocon Diet Plan: Tuesday – Gaining Steam With Your Plan

By Tuesday, temptation will be high. You’re going to want to mix things up a little. Most people don’t make it past the first day, because it may seem difficult to manage. However, with this plan, the transitional elements are going to be a bit easier. So with that in mind, consider the following plan for Tuesday.

Breakfast – Broccoli and Eggs

Here is one that many people may not immediately think about. Broccoli is traditionally only taken for dinner, but it’s something that you can eat any time. With this option, you’ll want to mix it up with onions and broccoli, sautéed. You want to make the broccoli a bit softer, but not so soft that it droops and tastes like it was boiled for hours. The onions will give you a nice sweetness and flavor with the mix. Add 4 egg whites and you have a protein powerhouse that will keep you full. The fiber content will rise too here, and while it may be tough to consider at first, test the waters here, it’s a good option.

Lunch – Meatball Wraps

When you don’t have bread, you may think that the notion of a sandwich is going to be thrown out the window. Well, that’s where wraps come into place. Lettuce wrapping is a great solution to consider. This is an easy way to transform your lunches, so consider this. Now, you may not get your traditional meatball sandwich, but it’s ok, wrap it up. Make sure that your meatballs aren’t bound by bread crumbs, add a little hot sauce, and you will have a spicy little meal that will give you a nice punch.

Snack – Gluten Free Snack Bar

There’s plenty of bars that you can get. Look to your local natural foods store, and seek out a gluten free, vegan, snack bar. Just don’t get caught up with the flavors that can add a great deal of sugars and calories. For instance, there are some that are dipped in chocolate, or have added ingredients. Look at the ingredients list and calorie content. You don’t want to undo your meal plan by getting a glorified “Snickers” bar.

Dinner – Strip Steak with Squash

Here’s a simple dinner for you, and it’s just as good as you’d expect from a restaurant. Squash can be made in a variety of ways, including baking or even steaming. Squash if versatile, look at seasoning it lightly, or eating it slightly steamed. For this dinner, go for 6 ounces of steak. You don’t need a side of cattle here, even though it may be tempting. Season it with salt and pepper, and grill it if possible. Otherwise, pan frying can be ok, but make sure that you’re careful as to how much oil you use.

Adding a second vegetable can offset the lack of ounces in your meat, so be creative. Remember, this is not about overdoing it, 6 ounces is enough if you level it out with vegetables. For a nice treat, marinate your steak overnight with a simple marinade. Otherwise, salt and pepper can be just right. Go organic, grass fed beef if you’re going this route, the taste is incredible.

Weight Loss / February 17, 2017

BlackWolf Workout Reviewed - Hunter and Huntress Packs
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