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Natalia Rocon Diet Plan: Friday – The Weekend Precursor

Natalia Rocon Diet Plan: Friday – The Weekend Precursor

At this point, you will be at the fifth day of your 7 day cycle. You should breeze through this. You want to finish strong, so don’t let any temptations get in your way here. It’s easy to think that Friday means a bit of a shift in the rules of engagement. However, that’s not the case. Start your weekend off with a good bounce into nutrition with these meals. This plan of action focuses on the same stride that you have been used to. Taking that notion, consider the following plan of actions.

Breakfast – Granola

The first thing that you will want to look for is gluten free granola. They are proliferating grocery stores now, and you’ll be surprised with the mix of the components. The flavor is all there, with none of the gluten or carbs that you would expect. If you can’t find this, then refer back to an egg based dish, however, this is definitely a great solution to consider.

Lunch – Shrimp and Cauliflower Rice

Taking on the notion of cauliflower rice mentioned in previous days, take this idea and add a few elements to it. Add peas, tomatoes, and sauté this a bit into a mixture. It should be a green concoction with a little red from the tomatoes, but your cauliflower rice can get kicked up a little by adding shrimp. It will be like a fried rice, but without the MSG or fried component taking center stage. You’ll definitely enjoy this option as it makes for a delicious concoction. The colors here are great, but simple to put together.

Snack – 2 Pieces of Fruit

Once again, you are going to want to look for some fruit to munch on for a snack. The simple option is small apples, but you can always go for an Asian pear, or tangerine. Just look to see what’s seasonal.

Dinner – Sausage and Kale

There are several things that you can do with this option. Sausage is always a great option, especially if you look for 100% natural, nitrate free, and spicy solutions. Grill this, or cut it into slices and sauté with onions if you’d like. You can also mix in kale and sweat it down a bit. However, if you want a unique spin on all of this, consider making kale chips. Lightly seasoned kale chips can be baked fast, and can add a crunch to this dish. Add cauliflower as another side, and you’ll definitely get a simple dinner solution to test out.

In the end, things are simple to move forward with. The above focus on flavor combinations that dive off of what you’ve tasted through the week. Focus on mixing up the colors by adding peppers, mushrooms, and other green leafy vegetables. Spinach always works well too. The goal here is to get moving through to the weekend and staying on the plan of action without losing sight of the end goal.

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BlackWolf Workout Reviewed - Hunter and Huntress Packs
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