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Make-Up Tricks to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

While there are women who prefer to have small-looking eyes, there are others who would want to achieve those wide eyes.

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To attain it, some opted to go through plastic surgery. However, cosmetic surgery is not the only way to achieve it. There are make-up techniques that can be done to make the eyes look bigger.

Here are tried and tested make-up techniques for that huge-eye look:

Curl the eyelashes

One of the best ways to make the eyes appear wider is by curling the eyelashes after coating them with mascara. The mascara already helps curve the lashes, but using an eyelash curler, especially when heated, makes the curl stay longer. It is important to dry the mascara first before curling the lashes.

Manicure and highlight the eyebrows

The eyebrows greatly affect how the eyes look like. Simply getting rid of stray hairs and sculpting the brows can transform the face.

The eyes will become more noticeable when the eyebrows are groomed. However, thinner eyebrows do not necessarily make bigger-looking eyes. The eyebrow thickness and shape should still depend on the overall facial structure.

Moreover, make-up artists recommend emphasizing the eyebrows through a brow highlighter and a small brow brush to make eyes seem big. Applying a brow highlighter and brushing out the brows can make them appear smooth.

Apply a light-colored eyeshadow in the eye corners

The eyeshadow to be used in the corners of the eyes should be lighter than the one applied across the eyelid. Using the same eyeshadow color for both the eyelid and eye corners defeats the purpose of making the eyes look big.

Add silver or white eyeliner to the lower lid

This make-up technique gives an effect on the eyes are bigger. It is because silver or white eyeliner looks like an extension of the white part of the eye.

Obviously, dark eyeliner should not be applied around the eyes as it gives the impression that the eyes are small. When dark-colored eyeliner is used, it should be applied only below the lower lash line and not on the lower lid.

Hide the dark circles under the eyes

Often, the dark circles make the eyes look tired and sleepy. To avoid having this look, a concealer can be applied under the eyes. The concealer has to blend naturally with the skin and so it is essential, that the concealer matches the facial skin tone.

However, instead of concealing it, it is better to avoid dark circles. Having dark circles can be prevented if salt intake is lessened, a healthy diet is followed, and enough sleep is gotten.

Reduce eye puffiness

Puffiness around the eyes makes them appear smaller. It is significant to get ample rest and sleep. Also, the face can be washed with cool water to relieve swelling. Placing cold and used bags of tea over the eyes will induce skin tightening. Moreover, exercising can facilitate blood circulation thus, decreases water retention in the eyes.

If eye puffiness still occurred, a concealer can be applied around the sore area.