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Lowering Cholesterol through Glucomannan

A newly discovered food supplements has become famous thanks to several researches that proved its effectiveness in lowering cholesterol in the body. Several celebrities, including the famed Dr. Oz are recommending this supplement because of the benefits of taking Glucomannan for cholesterol.

Glucomannan is derived from a plant found in Asia and Hawaii called konjac. The use of this food supplement has a long history and has always been considered safe for consumption. In ancient times, it has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to cure acne, asthma and constipation and was also widely used as an additive to flour which were made into noodles. The supplement has been around for quite a while and its long use is proof that it is safe for human consumption.

Recently however, it was discovered that glucomannan had more benefits than just an emulsifier. The same substance that was used as a thickener was found to also have medical uses.

When ingested in powder form, glucomannan quickly absorbs water from the stomach like a sponge causing it to bloat. This means that a gram of this supplement has the potential to give a sensation of fullness. This property gave scientists the reason to dig deeper into its other potentials.

In several studies, it was found that glucomannan is not just an appetite suppressant. It was also found that when it has taken water in and becomes a thick fluid, it also has the ability to attract cholesterol from other food sources that were ingested with it.

This means that instead of the cholesterol being absorb by the body through the stomach, it joins with glucomannan and is flushed directly to the intestines.

Some of the glucomannan that were digested and turned into nutrients were absorbed in the blood and since it is fiber, it helped cleanse the blood of toxins as well. The effects of glucomannan work two ways and that simply is wonderful.

However, there is still a debate that there is no slid proof that it is a better alternative to any other sources of fiber. Also, the exact dosage that is optimal to weight loss have not been clearly identified.

Although it is proven to work, the extent of its effectivity has yet to be determined by research. Good news is, scientists have not stopped exploring the wonders of glucomannan and sooner or later, we will find out the full potential of this food supplement.

Aside from cholesterol, glucomannan has also been proven to block glucose from entering the blood stream. This means that it is an effective way to control sugar which is beneficial for those who are predisposed to type 2 diabetes.

Also, with less sugar entering the body, the body reacts by converting fat into energy instead of relying on sugar. This definitely causes weight loss and that is why in some countries, glucomannan has been approved as a weight-loss supplement.

There are many benefits of taking glucomannan as a food supplement and there are no dangerous side effects if taken correctly. It is cautioned to take glucomannan with plenty of water and not immediately before bedtime because of its ability to expand.

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