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How to Lose Weight as Fast as Amber Portwood Did

Amber Portwood, the newest celebrity from the television show Teen Mom, surprised people with her drastic weight loss.

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During her interviews in magazines and celebrity shows, she revealed her bad feelings about being fat and overweight. After giving birth to her child, she did what it takes to lose an impressive sixty-five pounds.

How did she pull off this seemingly miraculous act?

By suppressing her cravings for fast food and sweet treats and engaging in two-hour cardiovascular workouts, she was able to reach her ideal body weight in no time.

If you have recently given birth to your baby and you want to lose some extra pounds, it is time to draw some inspiration from Amber Portwood. Her commitment to her weight loss program proves that it is never too late for mothers like you to get ready for some fat-busting activities.

Here are some of the most effective ways to lose weight after pregnancy.

Set your goals straight

Before starting your diet, try to think of an achievable goal for your weight loss program. Set a time limit for your diet and determine the amount of weight you want to lose by that time. Well-defined goals can stimulate your enthusiasm and keep you on track with your entire diet plan.

Make the right food choices

Amber Portwood learned that motherhood is not only about making the right decisions for your child. She learned the wisdom of making the right food choices that shaped her into the slim and confident mother that she is now.

You also need to start watching the food you eat. Plan your meals ahead and load them with nutritious food and drinks. Replace soda with lots of water, and cook your meals with low-calorie and low-fat ingredients.

Lean meats are protein-rich and low-fat items that can help you decrease the number of fats you are storing in your body. Start your day by eating oatmeal, yogurt, or fibrous cereals as your breakfast. Include more sardines, salmon, fresh tuna, and other excellent sources of Omega-3 acids in your diet. Replace the calories from side dishes with healthier alternatives such as fresh vegetables and fruits.

You can also lose as much weight as Amber Portwood did by controlling your meal portions. Instead of eating three full meals every day, eat smaller portions of food all throughout the day. This technique can effortlessly speed up your metabolism while reducing your caloric intake at the same time. Eat slowly and mindfully in order to prevent yourself from overeating.

Exercise is key

No matter how much you were able to decrease your caloric intake, you will still have problems losing weight without the right exercise program. By decreasing the number of calories in the food you eat and increasing the number of calories you burn from exercise, you can get rid of your flabby arms and thighs at shorter periods of time.

Low impact aerobic activities can help you burn more calories. For your aerobic workouts, you can capitalize on activities such as swimming, cycling, and brisk walking. Supplement your cardiovascular exercises with weight training in order to prevent your metabolism from quickly dropping back to normal after you have stopped your exercise.

By sticking to your goals and using Amber Portwood as your inspiration, you can effortlessly lose weight and keep it off forever.