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Laxative Do you lose weight? Does it help you lose weight in any way?

Laxatives can help relieve constipation or quickly cleanse your system of toxins. However, some people believe that laxatives lose weight and use them as a way to lose weight. This is not only a dangerous process, it is also an ignorant decision to make.

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Abuse of laxatives can severely damage your gastrointestinal tract and cause long-term side effects. Using laxatives regularly to lose weight can also lead to addiction.


There are many types of laxatives. The two most used types are “volume builders” and “stimulating laxatives”. Volume-forming laxatives bring water to the stool to create larger, softer stools. Larger stools feel like you need to go to the bathroom. Stimulating laxatives the most severe type of laxatives. They do the most damage because of the way they make the intestines contract.

Laxatives Do Not Eliminate Calories

The first thing you need to think about is the impact that laxatives will have on your weight loss. Although it helps, in the beginning, to lose weight since, after using the laxative, it will eliminate part of the food you have just eaten, the important thing is to know that the body will still absorb most of the calories.

This does not mean that the laxative loses weight and is a free pass to eat whatever you want. If you do, you may not see the results you are looking for.

How does the use of laxative lose weight?

Weight loss caused by the use of laxatives is usually just a loss of water and liquids. The weight usually comes back after drinking appropriate amounts of fluids. Laxatives have little effect on calorie absorption, and thus do not affect actual weight loss. This is because the target of laxatives is the intestine, while the absorption of calories occurs in the anterior parts of the digestive system.

The impact of laxatives on nutrient absorption

Even more important, however, when we look at the mistake of thinking that laxative slims, is the fact that using this product could reduce the body’s ability to absorb many vital nutrients needed for health.

Side effects of using laxatives to lose weight

This can take your system seriously.

Cramps and diarrhea

Laxatives can also cause pain in your intestines, and you will feel awful after the medicine passes through your body. Remember, laxatives are remedies for constipation, so if you are not in this situation and take a laxative anyway, it can have an extreme effect, far beyond what was planned.


Using laxatives dehydrates your body, causing headaches, cramps, electrolyte imbalance, and messing with your body in many other ways.

Loss of potassium

Sodium phosphate is the active ingredient in most laxatives, which causes you to lose potassium. This is bad for your kidneys and also for your heart.

Prevents absorption of medications

Using laxatives to lose weight can make you pregnant! If you are taking contraceptives, and the hormones in the pill are not absorbed correctly, then it will not have the effect it should.

Important facts about using laxatives to lose weight

It’s purgative

Don’t be fooled into thinking that using laxatives is a “natural” way to lose weight. Expelling food from your body through the back door is still forced, and therefore is a form of bulimia. If you are familiar with bulimia and its dangers, it is best to consider this before taking laxatives.

You can get addicted

If you think you can “learn” how to use laxatives to lose weight, think again because the effects change over time. The first thing that happens is fluid loss, which can be followed by periods of fluid retention and swelling. This leads the user to want to lose more weight, and then to take more laxatives.

Essentially, you are putting yourself on the path to having a problem with a legal drug, and you will start to develop a tolerance for it, making it necessary to take a box or more a day to have any effect.

Eventually, you will have to have your colon removed

Okay, maybe it’s an exaggeration… not everyone will end up with their colon removed, but it is a fact that abuse of laxatives can lead to problematic constipation, which can result in “colon inertia”, requiring surgery to reduce the length of your gut.

Does it seem correct to say that laxative loses weight now?

Natural Laxatives

Note that natural laxatives still have the same function and that is why they are just as dangerous. This is not a case where a natural alternative would lead to a better situation. Using a natural laxative, such as a hot herbal tea, can at the very least cause discomfort and will not cause significant weight loss. Waste is not the same as fat or muscle.

Final consideration

Today, many people are on extreme diets to lose weight and achieve the ideal of beauty in society, which increasingly equals thinness.

Some people are believing that laxative slims as a quick fix. Instead of choosing long-term weight loss regimens, by exercising and eating healthy, they are trying to lose weight as quickly as possible, even if it means using risky health methods. Unfortunately, many people are unaware that abuse of laxatives has several unpleasant consequences, and may even result in death.

Laxatives are drugs that stimulate the intestines to empty, but this only occurs after the food colors have already been absorbed by the small intestine. Since this is the case, the logic would be that you are wasting your time with laxatives.