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An Overview of Natural Health Source's Kollagen Intensiv

Aging is one of the harsh inevitable realities most people are afraid to face physically.

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As a person’s age starts to add some numbers, the demand to look for anti-aging creams are at its peak. Growing old and wise is a welcome thought but looking old is not. With this, Natural Health Source offers Kollagen Intensiv Collagen Renewal for Ageless Skin.

In buying creams and other products that you put on your skin, it is necessary that you first consider several things for your safety and satisfaction. You need to know the product well before you use it. Not only should the product be effective, but it should also be safe and consistent.

Natural Health Source Kollagen Intensiv

Natural Health Source understands the needs of people to prevent aging and helps more people look younger with Kollagen Intensiv Collagen Renewal for Ageless Skin. It is scientifically formulated to promote healthy cell renewal.

It contains generous amounts of peptides, fatty acids, vitamins, trace minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, and essential oils. When combined together in one cream, these ingredients work together to help you have younger-looking skin. This anti-aging cream and daily moisturizer visibly reduce any sign of aging such as wrinkles in 84 days.

Kollagen Intensiv Ingredients

Its ingredients include SYN-COLL, a proven and tested ingredient, and helps enhance the skin’s natural collagen production for a more firm and elastic skin.

It also has Butyrospermum Parkii or shea butter, Cyclopentasiloxane, plant-derived Glycerin, Tocopherol that serves as an antioxidant, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide 3, Retinol and Retinyl Palmitate or Vitamin A Palmitate, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate which is a derivative of Vitamin C, Hydrolyzed Hibiscus Esculentus Extract and Acetyl Hexapeptide 3, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Glycine Soja or soybean oil, Gluconolactone which is a corn-derived preservative, Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline, Cucumis Sativus or cucumber fruit extract, green tea extract, oat kernel extract, Ascorbyl Palmitate, and Hyaluronic acid.

It smoothens out wrinkles, plumps the skin, reduces pore size, fades age spots, evens out the skin tone, removes dead skin cells, and makes the skin look more bright and vibrant. Natural Health Source designed this cream to promote and enhance the overall beauty of the skin.

Aside from boosting the skin’s natural collagen production, it also increases the skin’s natural moisturizing factors and locks the moisture in. Kollagen Intensiv Collagen Renewal for Ageless Skin also doubles as sun protection to help minimize the damage that can be caused by your skin’s exposure to the sun. Its ingredients also fight off the effects of glycation on your skin.

Natural Health Source also formulated the anti-aging cream to be gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. It is also a benefit that a tub of Kollagen Intensiv Collagen Renewal for Ageless Skin can last up to 30 to 45 days when used twice daily. You can save a lot of money as compared to when you buy expensive creams for day and night.

For your satisfaction and convenience, a 90-day guarantee is also offered. It is understandable that not everyone will experience the same great results that the cream offers and when this happens, you can simply return the product and get your refund.

Using anti-aging creams is a proven way to keep skin looking young. Aside from this, there are also other effects that are brought about by great looking skin. One of these is, of course, confidence. If you are confident in your skin, you do not need to worry much about facing other people and making conversation. Youthful-looking skin can also make you feel good about yourself. Now, with Human Nature Sources anti-aging cream, you can get all the benefits of having younger, fresher skin.

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