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Sports Nutrition - August 19, 2013

How to use total Gym Equipment to Burn your Belly Fat?

The total gym is a fitness machine that avails pulleys and body weight to tone and tighten the muscles. By having total gym, you can focus on any muscle group from calf muscles to shoulders and including your stomach.

Various ad workout you can do when availing total gym to burn your belly fat and it offer you the abs you need. First adjust the equipment’s seat cushion to be raised off the ground.

Through the headrest, there is a set of hooks that let you to lift up from a lower level the headrest and latch it on a higher hook, offering a raised elevation. On the headrest, lie down with the head and hands behind the ears.

How to do exercise with total gym:

Do a crunch through squeezing the abdominal muscles in and heighten up the shoulders up from the pad. For one repetition, lower yourself. Do two sets of fifteen repetitions.

Flip around, therefore the legs are at the height of the bench and the head is focusing towards the ground. You need to drape the knees on the top of your head pad to assist hold the body in place.

Do a total sit up without changing the position. The reason for this is that you are at a turn down position you contain body weight pushing and the move will be hard. Do two sets of fifteen repetitions.

Total gym is safer and comfortable to use:

Lower the pad and headrest down to a lower position hence there is a lower level incline. Sit on the mat sideways with the legs handing off. Keep the legs at the raised position hence they are not hitting the ground.

Have the chest and head towards the back of the equipment when holding the pulleys. Avail the stomach muscles to change the torso to align with the legs. Do not avail the arms to pull you because it may defeats the exercise purpose.

Come back to the start position. Do two sets of ten reps for both the sides. Total gym creates the traditional workouts comfortable and safer. It can assist the users to get a flat stomach. This machine is used for strength training, stretching and total conditioning.

Benefits you get on using total gym equipment:

This piece of equipment is availed by sports people and those who need to burn their belly fat. The machines that are designed for home can help you to save space and let you to get efficient exercises at any time according to your wish.

Most of the machines will have a cushioned slant board that is padded with pulleys and headrest. It will let for about eighty various exercises which can be performed in short period of time.

This machine will assist you to do several new workouts. Most of the home models are available in the market with instructional videos that explain easy and fast exercises for reducing belly fat, strength training, body building and body sculpting.

BlackWolf Workout Reviewed - Hunter and Huntress Packs
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