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How to Use 5HTP for Weight Loss

First things first, what is 5HTP? 5HTP, also known as 5 hydroxytryptophans, is a chemical that the body naturally produces that is then converted into serotonin (one of the “happy chemicals”).


You might think that it doesn’t have anything to do with weight loss, as it is primarily known for its beneficial effects on depression, PMS, alcoholism, insomnia, panic attacks, etc. But it can affect the body’s overall weight in perhaps unexpected ways. Not to mention that it affects you differently than just regular serotonin supplements.

How do 5HTP supplements aid in weight loss?

It’s a naturally produced chemical that is then turned into serotonin. So you’re probably thinking that it doesn’t matter which one you take, but the simple difference is that serotonin supplements aren’t capable of accessing your brain directly from your bloodstream, which means that it won’t actually be able to increase serotonin levels efficiently; whereas, 5HTP supplements can do so effectively.

How does serotonin affect weight?

Serotonin not only improves your mood and gives you that happy feeling but can also help you control your appetite. Thus, helping you lose weight. Essentially speaking, when you have a sufficient amount of serotonin present in your brain, you won’t feel hungry as often as before, those untimely hunger pangs will occur less frequently, and you will feel full longer.

Also, you will feel full faster on every meal, and it will eliminate the difficulty of adhering to a diet completely. Take note, however, that it doesn’t exactly burn fats to lose weight; in other words, you will need to let calorie deficit happen to shed some pounds, and serotonin just makes it very easy.

How to reap the benefits of 5HTP properly?

Of course, you have to be sure that the 5HTP supplements you purchase are of high – or at least, standard – quality. Just because it’s cheaper than most of the other products doesn’t mean that it’s the better choice, as the low-quality ones may yield no effect whatsoever at all – or worse, it could yield adverse effects. Now in terms of dosage, the safe and recommended amount is 50 – 100mg per day, and you shouldn’t exceed that, as it has been proven that too much 5HTP is harmful.

In case of a lack of results, consult your doctor whether or not it’s safe to increase the dosage, or at least increase the times of taking it throughout the day. Furthermore, 5HTP doesn’t need food to go with it, which means you can take it at any time of the day; however, when you’re planning on taking it multiple times a day, there should at least be an eight-hour interval between each take.

In the simplest sense, 5HTP is greatly beneficial if it’s taken properly and is one of the best natural appetite suppressants, but it’s equally harmful when too much is consumed. As usual, moderation is the key. Remember also to move about every now and then to support calorie deficit to occur, as that is the most essential event to lose weight fast.