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How to Quit Smoking using Bioactive Magnets From EaseQuit

How to Quit Smoking using Bioactive Magnets

If you are one of those who really needs to kick the butt and are all determined to do so, but are looking for the best and quickest way to get it done, then you are in for some good news.

You can attempt to quit smoking and let go of your nicotine addiction, without any hassles of relying on patches, gums, pill, or e-cigarettes. Introducing EaseQUIT, the newest product on the block that uses a technique so unique, yet so refined that you can say goodbye to those nicotine addictions in a single week.

I will be giving you a sneak-peek into how amazing this product is and how easily it can help you stick to your goal of quitting the smoke.

What is it? How does it work?

EaseQUIT is a kit that encourages the technique of auriculotherapy, which is essentially a Chinese method of ear acupuncture. Sans the needles, this kit come with a set of small bioactive magnets that when attached to the ear, reduces the cravings for nicotine, which in turn helps a smoker quit his advances toward cigarettes or tobacco.

The EaseQUIT magnets need to be worn only for 3-4 hours every day to help your brain be stimulated and release endorphins, which are the feel-good hormones that restrict and control your cravings for nicotine and put you into remission when it comes to smoking.

Smoking works on the same principle of the release of endorphins, but the side-effects are detrimental to your health. Whereas with just the use and some pressure on your ear pressure points through EaseQUIT, you will be able to simulate the same feeling as you would receive when you smoke, without the health hazard to your lungs and other organs.

To let you know a little about auriculotherapy, it is based on the ancient Chinese methods of acupuncture. There lies a connection between the ear lobe and the different parts of the body, and tapping on this connection can influence the many parts of the body.

There are pressure points or reflex points that help us tap into this easy and no invasive method of cure and processing, and through these location-based pressure points, it is possible to send nerve impulses to the brain and allow the brain to perform the intended activity.

Hence, EaseQUIT uses this non-malign technique, with the help of best-in-class bioactive magnets to ease the process of quitting smoking.


This method is completely nicotine-free, making it easier for you to snap right out of the addiction in the faster way possible. There are no chemical influences as well, which can have no side-effects to your body. EaseQUIT™ is completely a nature-enabling product that will get to the very crux of your smoking problem and uproot it from the very soil.

The magnets that you wear are carefully designed to apply sufficient amounts of pressure to the reflex points on your ear that will in-turn help your brain process the pressure and release the required amounts of endorphins. The magnets are cast in 24k gold casing, which will not affect you if you are sensitive to cheap metals.


  • No side effects whatsoever to the body.
  • Effective time frame is 7 days; provided you use it as recommended, that is, 3-4 hours every day.
  • Based on magnetism and the natural method of pressure points in the body.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • No nicotine involved in the method.
  • Easily affordable and the kit will last you a lifetime.
  • Helps you relax.


Can’t be worn by pregnant women or people who have any electro-magnetic devices such as the pacemaker or hearing aid, as there is a great chance it might interference with the functioning of the devices.

You might feel a certain uneasiness at the start during continuous everyday use, but the feeling will eventually subside.

The product can be substituted by laser therapy, ear pellets, or electrostimulation or even manually using the fingers, but making things easier will be by using the product.


EaseQUIT is a quality product that has harvested the quintessential method of auriculotherapy and presented a safe and efficient technique of getting the cure to us. This preventive and rehabilitation method is worth the bucks, and you should give it a go if you plan on quitting on your daily smokes.

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