Natalia Rocon
Published in October 30, 2020

How To Increase Female Libido

Low sex drive in women is not that uncommon, but it is especially true for women who are going through or have gone through menopause.

Sexual Health

By Natalia Rocon

What happens in menopause is that a woman’s estrogen levels go down very low and very quickly. This is why a woman experiences a total lack of sex drive when she goes through menopause. The problem is that although the woman gets the sex drive back in her mind, she finds that her body does not want to cooperate.

This condition is called Vaginal Dryness, wherein the woman’s vagina has a hard time getting lubricated, even when she is aroused. Vaginal dryness makes sex painful, and it takes away all of the fun. This will cause a woman not to want to have sex at all and can drive a wedge between two lovers.

HerSolution female renewal gel is all about correcting this imbalance in a woman’s body. HerSolution contains strong natural ingredients that are applied to the woman’s vagina, and in a matter of minutes, the woman will feel a difference in the way that her vagina feels. The main aim of the HerSolution is to tighten the vagina so that sensation can be heightened. With the extra sensitivity comes arousal, and with the heightened sense of arousal will come to the more enjoyable sex. Because of the tightened vaginal walls, the vagina will also become much more susceptible to self-lubrication.

This is all thanks to the potent ingredients that are included in the formulation of HerSolution. It includes some of the most potent and effective ingredients in the industry of sexual enhancement, such as Mirofirm, a purified form of Pueraria Mirifica, Witch Hazel, and Korean Ginseng. In the same way that some of these ingredients can cause a man’s libido to rise and for his penis to get erect easier, so will the woman’s vagina get lubricated when it is applied to that area as well.

This is because of how these ingredients are concentrating on getting the blood to rush to the genital area. The blood there is to the genitals, the more it will feel. That way, the person will feel that same rush of sexual want and will feel more up to it when it comes time to be intimate with their lover.

That is not all. HerSolution is also aiming for optimal vaginal health. Thanks to the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of some of the ingredients, all the bacterial and potential fungi that could be on the vagina will be destroyed. That way, your vagina will stay prime and in excellent health. Moreover, the healthier the vagina, the more pleasurable the sex will be. Once you get your libido back, you will be wanting to have sex even more, so it will become even more important that you keep your vagina clean on a bacterial level.

Therefore, for all the women out there who think that their lack of a sex drive is their fault, there is no need to worry. With HerSolution female renewal gel, you will never have to back out or explain why you are not interested ever again. You will not only get your libido back, but your body will also once again be up for it every time you want.

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