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How to Get Rid of Excess Skin under the Chin

An evidence of excess weight is the presence of excess skin under the chin. Colloquially known by nicknames “double chin”, “jowls”, and “turkey wattle”, the presence of excess chin skin can mess up someone’s looks real bad. In fact, for some people, it’s even a source of envy.

There are some cases when excess skin even hampers some people’s confidence and self-image. Because of this, people are looking for ways to reduce excess skin. Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce excess skin under the chin. And the best methods will be discussed in this article.

Exercising facial muscles, as weird as it may sound, is the best way to reduce chin skin. To explain its importance, it’s best to check out the basics of human anatomy. Even though the face and chin occupies a relatively small area, it serves are home to a lot of muscles.

In fact, more than 50 muscles are located in the face and chin area. And providing proper stimulation in these muscles can go a long way in firming up the skin in your chin. The following is a list of some of the best chin exercises you can do practically anywhere.

1. Chewing – Chewing actually utilizes a lot of facial muscles, especially in the jaw and chin area. By performing chewing exercises, these muscles get firmed up, resulting to the tightening of the skin under the chin. To perform this, a person performs the chewing action for about 20 seconds. For better results, a person must do this while facing the ceiling. Doing this several times a day can bring about positive results.

2. Kissing the ceiling – This is also a common technique used to exercise the muscles of the jaw, chin, and neck. This is done while the person is looking up, hence “kissing the ceiling”. The lips are then puckered as if trying to kiss something up the ceiling. The pucker position is held for about 5 seconds per repetition. At least 10 repetitions are recommended to complete the exercise.

3. Tongue on chin – This is something you probably remember doing back when you’re a child. To do this, you simply stick out your tongue then try to stretch it out as if you’re trying to make it touch your chin. This stretch position is held out for about 5 seconds per repetition. About 10 repetitions per set are recommended for best results.

These exercises, when done regularly, can bring positive results to your chin’s looks. With regular exercise, you can get rid of excess chin skin and give it a firmer appearance. It will take time to get the results you want, but the benefits shall very much be tangible.

But there are certain instances when chin skin sagging is way too severe. In these situations, going for a surgical procedure may be a necessity. To determine if going under the knife is best for you, a consultation with a surgeon is a must. Of course, because of the risks, surgery must only be viewed as a method of last resort.

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