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How to Fight Melanin Overproduction With Epibright

How to Fight Melanin Overproduction With Epibright

Every wonder why black people have to be black and white people have to be white? Can a person decide on what color his or her skin would be? The answer is no. Every race, black, white or brown has different level of Melanin.

Basically, Melanin is the pigmented tissue found on the epidermis of the skin. Melanin is the determinant of the skin color of a human being. Black people have higher level of Melanin while the white people have less.

Brown people, on the other hand, have a moderate amount of Melanin causing their moderate color. However, some people with fewer melanin like the white people experience dark spots and uneven skin color.

This is caused by the melanocyte activity that is kindled when the person is exposed to too much sunlight. In the melanocyte activity, there is an overproduction of melanin. Too much melanin in one skin, remember, will make the skin darker.

Dark spots happen when the melanin is not unequally distributed that some areas have more melanin than the other areas.

To stop dark spots and uneven skin tone, one has to stop the overproduction of melanin. Epibright skin brightening cream is a perfect blend of lightening agents and herbal extracts that help in giving the person radiant, balanced and glowing fairness.

The ingredients kojic acid and alpha-arbutin are good ingredients in blocking the overproduction of melanin. Herbal extracts such that of mulberry and bearberry help in soothing the skin, giving it long-lasting glow.

On some Epibright reviews, it says that the brightening cream can give desired results in just two weeks or less. And also, even though it is a facial brightening cream, it can also be used on the arms and legs or on the other parts of the body.

Reviews also give assurance that Epibright skin brightening cream has no side effects on the skin. The ingredients it contains are safe and are not included in the list of ingredients that cause skin diseases.

But for safety measures, it is advisable to try the product first on other parts of the skin so that one can be sure that he or she is not allergic to whitening creams.

Epibright is very easy to apply onto the skin. Before applying it, the person should wash his or her face first and dry it with a clean towel.

After which, gently rub a small amount of the cream on the face and spread it thoroughly.

After spreading it carefully, put on SPF 15 cream.

SPF 15 is good since it helps the brightening cream to shield the face from the ultraviolet rays of the sunlight. To know more about the product, visit some Epibright reviews.
Epibright skin brightening cream, however, is not yet sold in the market.

So if one wants to try the product, he or she needs to order it online through the Epibright website. The product is sold at a reasonable price of $ 39.95. People outside the United States can also avail of the whitening product since the product can be shipped to other countries.

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