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How to Eat Slow When You Are Starving

One of the best and the most effective way to lose weight is by eating slowly. When a person eats slowly, he/she has a higher chance to consume a small amount of food.

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Thus, consuming less means a higher chance of losing weight. Studies show that a human brain takes about 20 minutes to realize that the stomach is already full. Because of this, people tend to overeat because they think that they are still hungry when the truth is, they are already full.

Aside from it, starving may also cause a person to overeat since it is almost impossible to eat slowly especially when he/she is really hungry. And overeating is the primary cause of weight gain. So in order to prevent this, people should learn how to eat slowly without feeling hungry anymore.

Eat frequently

This may seem in contrast with the idea of losing weight, right? But the truth is frequent eating of a small number of foods may help in losing weight because people will tend to eat less during meal times. Eating crackers, fruits, or bread in small serving sizes before meal times is a good way to prevent someone from overeating during suppers or dinners.

Drink a glass of water before and during meals

Drinking water will help someone feel full and likely to eat less, this is because the water will fill up the stomach and the result is, of course, less amount of food to consume. Aside from drinking water before meals, a person should also do it in between each bite. This will surely make someone feel full and will also slow down his/her eating.

Focus on the food

Taking meals with people who are fast and heavy eaters may also result in overeating because they can insist a person still eat as they do. Of course, eating with friends or family is not a bad idea, a person only has to be mindful of what he/she is eating so that he will not get carried away with the conversation and overindulge in the food.

Quality over quantity

To prevent a person from eating too much, just remember that the quality should always exceed the quantity. This means that he/she can still enjoy the food by savoring it and not by eating a large amount of it. But if a person really feels like giving up because the food maybe his/her favorite, an effective way to prevent him/her from overindulging is by chewing. Just keep on chewing until he/she realizes that he/she is already full and doesn’t feel like eating anymore because his already tired of chewing.

Let’s just accept it! Eating is a habit that is just so hard to control, just like drugs, it can also be addictive sometimes. But if a person really loves his body and he wants to stay healthy, he should learn how to control this urge. Eating slowly is a good start to lose weight as well as to be healthy and fit.