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How to Conduct a Weight Loss Meeting

Losing weight and struggling to maintain the weight loss is really stressful and difficult.

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People may already feel like giving up even if they’re not even starting or they find it too difficult and just accept their defeat.

Building their own support group may help them conquer the long and difficult journey of losing weight.

Of course, aside from their supportive families and friends, they also need those people whom they can really relate to; people, who are just like them, want to lose weight and be physically fit and healthy. It is a good idea to build a group and conduct meetings with them.

Create the group’s mission

In building a weight-loss oriented group, creating a mission is very important. It will provide the goals and advocacy of the group. The mission should also be clear and well-explained to the members.

In order to be organized there should be a goal and a focus. The focus can be on the results, weight-loss strategies, and kinds of workouts or diets. It’s better to be familiar first with the goals of each member as well as their plans for the group. Based on that, a person can now create his/her group’s mission and goals.

Gather the member’s information

After creating a group, a person should also gather his/her members’ personal information such as their names, address, and contact numbers. This will allow the leader to contact his/her members whenever he/she has to, especially during meetings and other team activities.

Schedule the meeting

After building a group, the next thing that leaders should do is to schedule their meetings as well as to pick their meeting place. A group can meet weekly, twice a week, or on a scheduled day.
This can be done by knowing the members’ free time as well as their preferred meeting place.

Make a calendar of activities

It’s better and more practical if the group has its own calendar of activities. In this way, the members can easily identify the focus or topic on a particular day.

For example, this week’s focus can be on the kinds of diets, and next week can be on workouts. It is better if the discussion will start on the most obvious topics such as general information on losing weight and diet methods then after that, the group can now tackle the programs such as kinds of exercises.

Conduct the meeting

Open the meeting by welcoming first the members. Introduce each other in the group and let them feel comfortable with each other’s company. Let the members suggest their ideas and make the discussion fun and informative.

Losing weight is really a difficult challenge, especially when a person is facing it alone. The scales, diets, and workouts can be stressful, and sometimes, they will feel like giving up and just accept it. However, doing it with those people whom a person can relate to, the challenge can also be fun and fulfilling.