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How to Avoid Red Meat for Weight Loss

Eating meat can be helpful in supplying the body with proteins and needed fats but it can also add up to the chance of gaining weight.

foods that help you lose weight

According to the nutritionists of Mayo Clinic, the vegetarian has a higher chance of losing weight than meat-eaters. Saturated fats are contained in the meat as well as in the other meat by-products such as bacon and hams.

This fat is known to increase the bad cholesterol in the body and the later result is weight gain. To prevent this, a person should cut out the meat in his/her diet and replace it with low-fat and healthy meals.

Eat fish instead of pork meat

Fish is a good source of omega 3 that is known to lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease. It is also a good substitute for meat because it doesn’t contain fats and it is also high in protein. However, frying it is not a good idea; it can be grilled or steamed instead to prevent fats.

Make whole-grain food a part of the diet

Eating oatmeal and whole-grain bread is also a way to lose weight. These foods contain fibers that are known for their ability to prevent colon cancer and aids in proper digestion. Aside from that, this food can make someone feel full faster, allowing them to consume just the right amount of food that their body needs.

Be a vegetarian

Eat fruits and vegetables instead of meat. One can lose weight easily and faster if he/she eats vegetables because unlike meats, it does not contain any harmful fats and toxins. If a person worries over his/her protein consumption, vegetables can also be a good source of proteins. Beans contain a large number of proteins as well as fibers, the same is also true with whole-grain breads.

Replace red meats with vegetables

There are a lot of meat replacements in the market. One of them is marvelous and versatile tofu. It has a meaty texture and plain taste that can be improved by marinating.

Another one is the tasty mushrooms. It has a firm texture and savory taste that can fit a lot of dishes such as salads, pasta dishes, and even risotto.

One can also make burger patties by using vegetables such as mushrooms, brown beans, or potatoes. Salads are the popular food for vegetarians, but if a person is tired of it, there are also a lot of recipes online to choose from.

Cutting out meat in a person’s diet is very difficult. The smell of a sizzling steak or fried bacon is just enough to make us run to the kitchen and grab one.

However, a person’s craving is just produced by the brain, and the brain just like any organs in the human body is controllable, it’s just only in the mind. In order to lose weight, people should be determined and stick to the goal and that is to have a fit and healthy body.