How Thermogenesis Can Help in Weight Loss
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How Thermogenesis Can Help in Weight Loss

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Thermogenesis is the process of the body that generates heat energy. Body heat is essential in many weight loss programs because the primary resource that the body uses in becoming warm is fat.

The theories behind how thermogenesis is an effective fat burner and how it can help in weight loss are simple and we don’t need to be rocket scientists to figure out these theories. Our bodies need the energy to move and that energy comes from fat processed by the body. Just like a machine, when we move, we create heat. This heat helps the body burn fat faster.

Our body produces heat all the time, even at rest, but the rate at which heat melts away the fats has to be fast. Otherwise, our body will simply store the fat and this will result in weight gain. The only way to beat that natural process is either through strenuous exercise or taking a supplement that is known to be an effective fat burner.

Thermogenesis and Our Metabolism

Thermogenesis plays a huge part in metabolism. Many studies conclude that a raise in body temperature can help our bodies metabolize food more efficiently. Also, thermogenesis is partly responsible for caloric consumption during our resting state. It has been proven in many studies that in order for the body to produce body heat, it has to consume calories.

With diet-induced thermogenics or DIT, the body can achieve thermogenesis temperature at a much faster rate. The side effect of induced thermogenics is weight loss. Also, DIT can help you lose weight even when you’re sleeping.

According to many reviews, thermogenesis alone can theoretically help speed up metabolism. However, as we get older, it becomes a less effective fat burner. This is why once we reach our late 30s, it becomes harder to lose weight.

At this point in our lives, thermogenesis needs to be slightly stimulated. There are several ways to do this using many natural methods. There are several food supplements with ingredients that can help boost thermogenesis.

Cinnamon extract, for example, has the ability to naturally boost thermogenesis. It helps the body absorb sugar at a lower rate so your body uses the stored sugars instead. Another substance that can help boost thermogenics is Cayenne capsicum. This needs no scientific proof. Most of us know that sensation we get from eating pepper. Both substances can be found in a revolutionary diet pill called PhenQ.

What is PhenQ?

PhenQ is a food supplement that can help you lose unwanted fats in your nature. With an all-natural set of components, which can rarely be found in diet pills that promise the same, PhenQ is a revolutionary product that ensures that you lose weight safely and effectively. The ingredients of this diet pill are scientifically proven to work and with extensive research, the product ensures maximum effect with no undesirable side effects.

When you buy diet pills, make sure that it does not contain any regulated substances. The pill contains no ingredients that are not approved for commercial release and you can easily buy this without a prescription. It can deliver its promise without including controversial substances that work but may not be safe.

Also, there are many reviews and success stories from people who have used this revolutionary diet pill. On their website,, those who used the product swore that it started working for them after only a few days. This is not surprising considering the fact that the natural substances that make up the product are all very effective.

What other substances are in this diet pill?

Aside from the two thermogenic boosters that were mentioned earlier, each pill also contains a combination of natural ingredients such as bitter orange and glucomannan and which help in appetite suppression, fat binders such as chitosan and cacao extracts, and L-Carnitine which is a known fat burner. All these substances have reviews written by experts and are known to really work when it comes to weight loss.

It also contains chromium picolinate, ginseng Panax root, and guarana extracts that help your body efficiently convert carbohydrates and fat into energy so your body can use them instead of storing them.

Types of Thermogenic Supplements and Their Potential Side Effects

The different types of thermogenic supplements can be effective yet potentially harmful to your body. Knowing the various types of thermogenic supplements is important so that so can make a well-informed choice, and being aware of the side effects will help you decide if you really want to use the product to lose those extra pounds.

Here are four of the most commonly used thermogenic supplements based on their main ingredients:

  • Ephedra is one of the stimulant types of thermogenic supplements, which generally aids you in burning up your excess fat. This contains ephedrine, which is a chemical found in many of its herbal ingredients.
  • Synephrine, which is gaining ground in the world of thermogenic supplements, is also derived from herbal ingredients. This is mainly composed of well-chosen fruit peels that can increase your metabolic rate, as well as your body temperature.
  • From the non-stimulant variants of thermogenic supplements, fucoxanthin is considered as a great alternative to the usual stimulants found in the market today. Users of fucoxanthin claim that it is far safer than the ephedra and other similar thermogenic supplements in that certain side effects could not be found in the use of fucoxanthin. Finally, this compound is found in brown seaweeds, which are known for their natural weight loss-inducing capabilities.
  • Caffeine and tea extract-based supplements are also very common nowadays. It can increase your metabolic rate and body temperature, but not as effectively and efficiently as the other types of thermogenic supplements. You can use this type in addition to your exercise regimen because it can give the extra energy boost that you need to do some added pushups and crunches.

There are many more other variants of thermogenic supplements to choose from, but they are either not easily found in the market or are banned from being sold because of their known side effects.

Here is a list of the common side effects associated with the use of thermogenic supplements for weight loss:

  • Digestive problems are the commonly reported side effects of thermogenic products. Experts say that thermogenics can irritate our intestines, which can lead to pain in the abdominal area as well as diarrhea. Other side effects related to the digestive system are nausea, bloating, and distension of the abdomen.
  • There are also many people who complain that thermogenic products have a negative effect on their cardiovascular system. Most of these reports claim that their heart beats irregularly and faster. There are also those whose blood pressures increased because of their use of thermogenic supplements. In the most extreme cases, there are also people who suffered from heart attacks after prolonged use of any of the thermogenic supplements.

These side effects may or may not happen to you if you decided to use thermogenic supplements. Each has a different reaction to any of the weight loss supplements available on the market, so be sure to consult an expert first before committing to any, especially to the different types of thermogenic supplements.

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