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Health Benefits of Crocus Sativus extract

It is indeed frustrating when you look in the mirror and see those flaws beginning to take shape, or when you step on the scale and notice the extra pounds you have gained.


One must understand that it is normal. Most people ask themselves as to why they are not as skinny as those models with their rockhard abs as seen on TV, when in fact; they have been through the entire intense workout and have purchased gym equipment from TV shopping.

What these people do not know is that even if they have been exercising all day with their expensive ab rockets and treadmill is that it takes a lot more than just exercise.

Saffron Gold Plus is an appetite suppressant widely used in the country to help people shed off extra pounds. This is the answer to all those weight-gain related problems a lot of adults have today.

With Saffron, it is 100% guaranteed that you will be able to trim those annoying love handles you have been longing to get rid of, and of course, it has to be accompanied by proper diet and exercise.

It is understandable that people tend to overreact when their peers suddenly notice their now, too tight jeggings that used to fit just fine. Today, there are many factors affecting excessive weight-gain such as depression, mood imbalance, and old age, to name a few.

Saffron contains Crocus Sativus extract which is rarely found among other weight loss pills. This extract prevents compulsive eating and snacking commonly encountered by adults. A lot of adults might think that they are making their own lifestyle choices wherein these are really uncontrollable factors that do happen and that is normal.

Saffron Gold Plus is one of the world’s leading weight loss secret, because it does not only decrease appetite, but it also helps you manage your weight.

A lot of people can attest to the fact that it is proven and guaranteed to be of instant help in losing weight, plus many studies show that there are no side effects as compared to other pills.

It is vital that before people buy or purchase a certain weight-loss supplement that they make sure they have read and checked the ingredients used, advised dosage, and directions for use, so as to ensure that their health and well-being will not get compromised.

Studies and reviews showed that even if there is not much scientific support for Saffron, there are many health benefits one can get from taking them. Saffron supplements are used to aid in weight loss for the reason that they help reduce one’s cravings and curb appetite.

It has also been proven that Serotonin, a mood-regulation chemical, increases with the consumption of Saffron, resulting in the prevention of overeating, thus also prevents continuous gaining of weight.

The Crocus Sativus extract, which is an ingredient found in Saffron, affects greatly when it comes to controlling habits of compulsive eating, as shown in a small study done in the year 2010 for Nutrition Research. The study that was conducted then had a total of 60 adult participants who were all mildly overweight but healthy women, and they were grouped into two.

The first group took a placebo, while the second group took Saffron supplements for eight straight weeks every day, and both groups’ intake of calories was uncontrolled and unrestricted.

Results showed that the group with Saffron intake had greater weight loss and decreased eating, as compared to the group with placebo intake. It was also then noted that Saffron’s mood-regulating effects are of huge contributors to decreasing in frequent snacking.

A study also proved that Saffron has the same effects as normal medicines or treatments for depression.

There were two studies conducted in the year 2004 and 2005, regarding Phytotherapy Research, and Complementary and Alternative Medicine, respectively.

In 2004, there were a total of 30 adult participants diagnosed with depression, and they were either given Saffron supplement or Imipramine, which is a medication for depression. Each was advised to take supplements for six straight weeks every day, and it was revealed that there were the same effects in the treatment of depression.

The same results were shown with the study conducted in 2005, wherein there were a total of 40 depressed adult participants, and it was also proven that Saffron was apparently way more effective than placebo when it comes to the treatment of depression from mild to moderate. The most recent study that proved how effective Saffron really is, was done in 2008.

The British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology showed that the supplement helps relieve PMS symptoms.

The aforementioned health benefits of taking in Saffron are just a few. A lot more can be found and proven based on several studies and reviews made by clinical researchers, and medical and Science practitioners.

Saffron has been guaranteed to contain all natural and genuine products, which is very important to consider most especially nowadays. As was advised earlier, before you purchase or buy Saffron or even other health supplements that you ensure you have read all the fine print and disclaimers if there are any.

It is also recommended that continuous intake of the supplement requires a regular diet and exercise regime or better and faster results. Also, you need to bear in mind that the results may vary per person, and that not all results presented are common and typical.

It is very crucial that people understand the precautions so as to not be sorry in the end and to not wake up in a hospital bed. If there are any doubts or you are having a difficult time trying to decide whether or not you need to take Saffron, you can always ask for advice from your doctor, because it is always best to consult first before trying out anything new, most especially if it concerns your health.

This article is just basically a quick review of the many advantages and healthy effects Saffron extract can give a person suffering from excessive weight gain. In the end, we have to come to terms that our body reciprocates everything we do and intake and that being fat or overweight is something that can always be prevented, the natural way.