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Foods That Make Your Butt Larger: Fact or Fiction

People who were born with small butts have this strong desire to try anything to see if they can improve the size of their backsides.

Foods That Make Your Butt Larger: Fact or Fiction

Having a small butt is particularly frustrating to some people. In this article, you will find out whether certain foods can affect or help you have a bigger butt, and if so, what are the contributing factors to its effectiveness, and if there are any research findings that back up these claims.

Carbs Make Your Butt Larger

You might have heard from other people how certain foods can influence the growth of your butt size. A particularly popular opinion is that eating carbohydrates rich foods like pasta or wheat bread can help you augment your behind.

Cornbread also makes your butt larger and so does cereal and oats.

The question is: Is this true?

Well, there have been no research findings supporting this claim. Although you might have heard people who had success in this, it may be due to their genetic makeup. They may be predisposed to have larger fat deposits in their buttocks area.

Cornbread could have been thought to make your butt larger due to the number of African American women, particularly in the southern parts of the United States where cornbread is almost a staple meal. Unfortunately, there is no truth to the cornbread myth. African American women are just born lucky that way. They have bigger chances of having bigger butts.

Other Foods That Make Your Butt Larger

Papaya juice has been rumored to influence the growth of flat butts. Some say that eating peanut butter can help you in that area. In a certain part of Africa, tribeswomen are being fed fresh cow’s milk to make a bride bigger because it is apparently more attractive to men and is a status symbol too. Even thick creamy foods have been rumored to have such an effect on your back area.

Fatty foods have also been suggested and some people swear by these methods that they actually worked. With all the above-mentioned products, none of them has been proven to increase your butt area specifically.

Although the consumption of these foods or any food at that when taken too much, it will cause an increase in your body size but not just the buttocks area. There is no strand of truth to these methods at all.

People cannot choose where they want the fat to be stored so be careful with following any diets that involve heavy eating and fatty foods. It is bad enough that I don’t work; getting health problems can even make it worse.