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Food Reeducation: what is it and how to do it?

Food re-education consists of a change in eating habits, based on a balanced and varied menu.

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The goal is to lose weight and maintain weight in a healthy and lasting way, eating a little of everything, but in a balanced way.

Those who do food reeducation learn to respect appetite and satiety, knowing the right time to stop eating. It also learns to identify what triggers the desire to eat and how to change these automatic behaviors.

Therefore, dietary re-education involves an important behavioral part. It is worth remembering that it is not a question of restrictive diets, but of changing behavior towards food.

In a restrictive diet, there are prohibited, “good” and “bad” foods, and the menu does not take into account all aspects considered in dietary reeducation.

Therefore, very restrictive diets can even make you lose weight fast. However, when finishing the diet, the person returns to the old eating habits and ends up putting on weight again, it is the so-called “accordion effect”.

How should the menu be on food reeducation?

Dietary re-education is different from diets for weight loss, whose menus are almost always composed of healthier foods and with fewer calories. The food reeducation menu is not fixed and has no food restrictions. There are no prohibited and permitted foods, but a change in the way of eating.

In food reeducation, the professional specialist develops a food plan together with the person, following their preferences, routine, lifestyle, and culture. It is not necessary to stop consuming any food but to learn the right time to consume each one and which foods should be part of the daily diet.

In food reeducation, there is no good or bad food. The goal is to change eating behavior so that you learn to eat everything you like in a moderate way, with pleasure, and without guilt or fears.

Reeducating your diet does not mean stop eating what you like and start eating basically fruits, vegetables, and healthy, low-calorie foods. It is about eating everything, but without overdoing it, with balance. What matters is how much, how often, and how you eat.

The person wishing to undergo a dietary re-education should seek a nutritionist.