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Detailed Information and effectiveness of Avita Immune Boost

The immune system is one of the most significant parts of our bodies; protecting us from foreign invaders which are unwelcomed in the body system every second of our lives.

We face many parasitic organisms every day that are ready to take advantage of our body resources. A strong immune system is the basis of a healthy lifestyle. However unwelcoming the organisms are, the worst thing we can try to do is to kill.

There are several natural medicinal plants that have the capability to stimulate, strengthen and boost our immune system. The Echinacea, commonly known as the coneflower, in particular, is one of those natural plants whose roots, flowers and leaves have this ability.

Introducing Avita Immune Boost

Keep your body healthy all the time with the Avita Immune Boost; a very powerful solution that fights off allergies, illnesses as well as inflammation in the body.

The Immune Boost is made from the most effective species of the Echinacea family; Echinacea angustifolia and purpurea. The extracts of these species help in the prevention of chronic and acute inflammation of the air-ways, help alleviate this effect in angina and influenza, they protect blood vessels and the skin as well.

Avita Immune Boost is a product of Avita International, which has other 18 unique products in its assortment. The Immune Boost is manufactured with the latest scientific research results in the medicine field, natural healing and nutritional supplements.

As a guarantee of safety in using the Immune Boost, Avita have in cooperated with VitaTech International, a leading global leader in the natural products field.

Categories of Avita Immune Boost

The Avita Immune Boost has been developed into different categories so that it can effectively work in stimulating the immune system.

The product is thoroughly developed in order for it to resist several harmful influences in the body and support the protection of the human health in their entire life. The categories include; Female Care, a natural supplement with a complex of vitamins and nutrients meant for women, and more so for nursing mothers.

Strong Kids, a food supplement that contains a mixture of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins developed for children in chewable-tablets form. The Immune Boost is for adults and seniors is also available.

Ingredients and Detailed Information

The Immune Boost helps in preventing colds, allergies and flus and helps the body to stay healthy all the time. This powerful natural complex of Echinacea is known for its anti-inflammatory body effects.

It is rich in Vitamins A, B6 and C, and also contains Zinc that provides more resistance and other benefits to the body. The extracts from Echinacea also help in keeping off viruses and in keeping the body’s immune system healthy.

Recommendation on Effective Usage

The Immune Boost is developed for every member of the community, no matter the age. It is a powerful weapon that fights-off illnesses more so during the flu and cold season.

For maximum results, use the product throughout the year, use after meals; for adults, a dosage of 1 to 2 tablets each day and one tablet for children a day. Store the Avita Immune Boost in a cool dry place and always keep out of reach of children.

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