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Debunking the Myth: How to Lose Weight During Pregnancy

With pregnancy, weight gain is inevitable. However, an excess of weight during pregnancy is not healthy. There is a certain amount of weight that is needed in order to keep a pregnant woman and the one that she's bearing happy and healthy.

This amount should not exceed about 10-15 pounds in between the woman and the unborn child. If the woman has gained more than this weight range, then she is most certainly packing on more pounds than she needs.

If you are one of these expectant mothers that are taking more things in that they are getting out, here are some things that you need to know on how to lose weight during pregnancy and the things that you have to consider when trying to lose weight during and after your pregnancy period.

Debunking the Myth: You’re not Eating For Two

When a pregnant woman takes in a lot of food and defends herself by saying that she’s eating for two, she is on the account of being both right and wrong. She is right because she is eating for two, but she is wrong based on the quantity and possibly, the quality of food that she’s eating.

A normal person should take in more or less than 2000 calories a day. Considering the additional weight that is being carried by a pregnant woman, the amount of food that they can eat should not exceed more than 3000 calories. Unfortunately, a lot of pregnant women overdo it.

They can consume as much as four to five thousand calories a day. It goes without saying that with this amount of food that these women consume, the chances that they can become overweight even when they’re pregnant is relatively high.

During Pregnancy Weight Loss Plan

A weight loss plan during pregnancy sounds counterproductive. But in reality, knowing how to lose weight during pregnancy is the way to go when you want to be both fit and healthy before, during, and even after pregnancy.

A lot of pregnant women nowadays are being diagnosed during pregnancy with a condition referred to as Gestational Diabetes. Although unlike regular diabetes which takes a lifetime of maintenance, gestational diabetes means that the blood sugar levels of the pregnant woman are too high, especially considering the fact that she’s bearing a child. Through childbirth and a healthy diet, gestational diabetes can be treated, if not prevented.

How to Lose Weight While Pregnant

If you want to know how to lose weight during pregnancy, the first thing that you have to do is to have a dialogue with your OB-GYN. He or she will have an idea of how you can manage your weight during pregnancy. Chances are, he or she will refer you to a dietitian or will give you diet plans that you can work on while you’re pregnant.

In these diet plans, there are a series of food items that you should consume and the list of things that you should avoid. At all times, you must refrain yourself from taking in too much sugar which in large quantities can affect one’s health.

Moreover, there are a series of exercises on how to lose weight during pregnancy that you may follow. Some of the most popular ways to lose weight during pregnancy are to join a pregnant fitness program, which can include the application of modified exercises such as yoga, water aerobics and the like.

In this case, you must contact your local gym if they have any fitness classes especially geared towards pregnant women. After finding the right diet and fitness program for you, you should then go and have a check with your OB-GYN on how to lose pregnancy weight in order to prepare yourself for what comes ahead after childbirth.

Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Plan

Fortunately, the ideas on how to lose weight during pregnancy are relatively easy. However, the time when one tries to lose weight after pregnancy is more critical and challenging for a pregnant woman. Aside from the physical stress brought about by childbirth, the emotional stress that is caused by pregnancy, as manifest in post-partum depression can really take a toll on a pregnant woman’s life. So, in order to come full circle after you have applied the ideas on how to lose weight during pregnancy, you must have an idea on how to lose weight after pregnancy.

After pregnancy, you must be sure that you can dedicate time to breastfeeding. Knowing how to lose weight while breastfeeding is key to effective weight loss after pregnancy. With breastfeeding, you can lose a big amount of weight because you are producing milk which can account for the deduction of calories that can result in weight loss. There are also other alternatives compared to breastfeeding, but considering that this is a win-win situation for the mother and the child, perhaps it’s never too bad to breastfeed once in a while.

And so, here are ways on how to lose weight during pregnancy and after pregnancy. When you consider the ways on how to lose weight during pregnancy, you can have a happy and healthy pregnancy that you will remember with glee.