Natalia Rocon
Published in October 30, 2020

Steps to Look Youthful with Correct Skin Care

If you take good care of your skin, you will look younger than your age. The most vital organ of the body is the skin because it safeguards you from the damaging rays of the sun.


By Natalia Rocon

Your hands, face, and neck can give away your real age because they lose the needed elastin and collagen as time passes by. Here are the steps to have youthful skin.

Sleep at least 7 to 8 hours at night every day. Do not drink stimulants like caffeine hours prior to going to bed. Use your room only for sleeping so that when you enter it, you condition your mind to go to sleep.

Have a healthy diet with carbohydrates and protein and drink at least 8 glasses of water. Eat small meals several times a day instead of eating three full ones. Your initial meal should be early in the day and should have differently-colored fruits and veggies as these have antioxidants and vitamins to fight to age.

Stay away from stress and get plenty of exercises. When you are stressed out, this weakens your immune system thus you are more prone to health diseases. Have a break every day to remove stress. Halt your activities for a while to meditate, rest, or relax. Working out for at least thirty minutes can take away stress thus you should do it daily or weekly.

Apply moisturizers and sunblock on your skin. The sun has harmful rays that age the skin. Try to put on cosmetics that have an SPF of at least 15. Never forget to spoil you and your skin by going to a spa and having a great massage. You deserve to be pampered and your skin shall be thankful for it thus will show it.

These are the tips to have youthful skin always.

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